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  1. i support as a ranger for the dragon c'bow but 4mill...to much my man as a rune c'bow is only i think 9k so say along 62.4-70k as a better estimate
  2. nice idea i would support but like others said no guns and snipers?? wtf not in runescape but insted of bombs call them pipe bombs. basicaly gunpouder some bolt of clother and a metal pipe, perferably new kinds of metal only for makeing bombing pipes like there could be pirite. A metal that is light and lose can pack it with powder but not to much as it would break if you did and advance to more pipes...good idea....work on it u never know
  3. You make a good point and i agree and disagree i mean ya it is harder for free players but also i think that f2p peeps think they need more,more and more. But as i had noticed earlyier playing as a f2p i was lucky to play for free i mean think of how many good games there are and if there free or not. Well you have a good point but i have to say no to this
  4. i know how to take a screenshot but how do i put it as a avatar and is there a way i can us hyper cam2 to take a animation and make it my avatar? :wall:
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