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  1. Is it just minimised? (As in you have the health, adren, energy and prayer bars still) May be a stupid question but in my experience to date the number of people who claim their ability bar is missing and no preset brings it back and the number of people unaware it minimises are closely related. Yeah that was it, cheers
  2. Um, so, as of this update, my ability bar is gone and no pre-set can make it come back. Anyone knows fixes?
  3. Where do you upgrade the token btw, I didn't seem to find it in the quartermaster?
  4. This is very, VERY smart. It will stop many people, particulary young players who cannot afford a credit card from being scammed on "gimme money and i'll buy you members". This will fully prevent that, and it does not give anyone any real in game advantage over what the Squeal already does, so this really seems like a golden solution. Very well played jagex.
  5. Daamn, i can't see my HP, prayer and abilities, what is up with this?
  6. How do i see my ability bar, it jsut disapeared on RS3 and I can't get it to show
  7. Pangoro is bloody amazing and he'll be my bro in X. The squids are Psychic Dark, they will have a vanilite chance in hell to be in OU, regardless of movepool and stats, Uturn will rip them apart. Honeedge is looking better by the day, provided he has decent stats and movepool, he should be Ou or UU at the very least, amazing typing and ability!
  8. This game is a drug and should not be allowed to exhist. It sounded so boring when i picked it up from the So many games promotion, yet it completely grabbed me.
  9. They just need to add a 100 base damage reliable Rock move, maybe even 90 or 95, and nerf SR to half of it's current damage. As it is, SR by itslef makes a wide array of 'mons completely unreliable, even if otehrwise they would have decent usage, like Vulcarona and Zapdos. And please, for the love of Arceus, make that move almost always exclusive to Rock Types. The problem with Rock and Ground types, other than having very bad weaknesses, is that their moves can be learnt from EVERYTHING. Everyone knows Stone Edge and Earthquake, and that makes it that unlesss you have a great subtype (Gastrodon, Garchomp, Swampert) or superd stats (Tyranitar, Garchomp) you stand no chance to the onslaught of water teams or frequent EQ carriers. Having move exclusivity of a Rock type EQ to Rock type mons could mean the world of difference for stuff like Ttar, Gigalith, Aggron and Rhyperior. And for [bleep]s sake, give Flareon Fire Blitz already.
  10. They gave us a female lead on AC on the Vita game, but since it was one the Vita no one remembers, I'd love for that game to be HD'd like RE:revelations so that more people can experience it, specially since in the grand scheme barely anyone got to play it.
  11. I had a longer post typed up but the glorious 4th mouse button took it. Anyway, basic idea was I expected something much substantial, like more info on Legend of Zelda, or Metroid, or a new IP in general, or what have you. Maybe even updating an old IP that hasn't seen much love (hint, F-Zero! Starfox! Even Ice Climbers!). I knew they were doing a new 3D Mario game, etc. I own a Wii U and have arguably the top three games for it so far (Lego City, NSMBU, and Nintendoland). I haven't touched it in a while because there's no reason to. There were two LoZ's on offer today, so I think that example is unfair, but I agree that Nintendo have become more... insular. Today's conference wasn't courageous in the slightest. For sure next year, they need to be bolder with some of their other franchises. There's only so many times you can appeal to LoZ, Pokemon, Mario and SSBB before people realise its the same trick being pulled on them again and again. Nintendo did coem out more conservative with 3D mario this conference (I was expecting something way outt here like the Galaxies were), but it still looked good. Kart was pretty different from the previous karts, and DKCR.. i don't know what to make of it, but i'm expecting great things from Retro. As for new franchises, they did Show the Wonderful 101, bayneta and X, I'm not gona lie I expected something different from Retro and more info on titles like Yarn Yoshi and FE x SMT, but what we did get i thought was a good balance between old and new.
  12. I'll get a WiiU to complement my PC when it drops to 250 or less. I may crack the full price if Smash releases before the price drop (no way in hell, expecting a price drop by xmas)
  13. You know what, I'm not even mad, Wii Fit waifu is still better than ROB will ever be. BUT HOLY CRAP MAGA [bleep]ING MAN GRARHARAARSGSGAGKL
  14. Very nice presser by Sony. In total, it wasn't that great, but Squeenix and the MS undercutting in the end blew everyone away, and Nintendo quite simply cannot top this unless they unveil a new console out of their asses. Well played Sony, your best conf since 09. Looking forward to Smash, X and Retro tomorrow.
  15. Squeenix just saved Sony presser, holy crap. I was expecting FF15, but not KH3.
  16. ............Were we watching the same conference last year? This is about the same quality as last year. Same amount of new IPs, rehashed games, and party games. Considering last year actually showed gameplay and had a much more impressive reveal of a new IP, watch dogs, when literally all the other conferences were way below average, yeah, i thought last year's ubi was increadibly solid apart from the tobi/shootmania segment.
  17. Well, looks like Ubisoft returned to their "worst of e3" stle of conferences after last year's amazing press. Oh well.
  18. Treat rumours as fakes until the moment arrives, thats the best way to avoid disapointment. I believe i read somewhere valve wouldnt show up, and with no new console-able games coming from valve i wouldnt count on it in the slightest. I believe their only announced upcoming game is Dota 2, which has the same chance to be on consoles like hell freezing over.
  19. MS conference was really good, wasn't expecting that. Not many titles appeal to me, but it was good to see them focus on games in contrast to their reveal. Looking forward to Sony (which I do think will disapoint, but i'll gladly eat crow if not) and specially the nintendo Direct, which will be liek christmas eve with Smash+X+Retro Studios.
  20. Gielinor would be all fine and dandy if Zaros and Saradomin kept their asses out of our land. Deytookourland
  21. I'll side with no one, and defend a godless land, Guthix last words were not wasted on me.
  22. The idea of the kill count stone is pretty good i got to say
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