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    "Gives vote for most ego-centrical thread of the year."
  2. Too much over emphasis on the pictures, also they need a focal point.
  3. Looks sort of 3d , although pixel is not my thing I would say its not bad...
  4. No it doesn't. It strains your lower back and if you do it enough, you will have back problems in the future. I'm just going by personal experience. It works for me so I'm going to keep doing it. actually if you put it behind your head and do 'crunches' then it will add mass to your abbs... Also the more reps for abbs comment is ridiculous, the abbs just like any other muscle should be worked in reps and sets. You dont go out and benchpress 100 reps do you?
  5. The planet doesn't blend very well, almost like it's pasted on. Also, The leader of the gull text under your name is horrible. Other than that, it's better than your other stuff.
  6. I don't like it at all... As of now it has no focal point, It looks like a cheap 3d game render, and all in all it is not very eye appealing.
  7. Note- I'm not very religous My theory on everything is that during the aztec and mayan time ( also egyptian...) Aliens came and visited us and mated with us. How else could we have evolved so fast? How else could we have made the pyramids? I think Jesus might have been one of these "advanced beings" and was just using technology or just his brain when he was healing us mere humans. People saw this , wrote a book, presto religion is born. Yes I believe there is other lifeforms in the 630 sextillion planets out there. Or maybe im crazy, I don't know....
  8. Some of it needs to be touched up, and cleaned up a bit. Also the text needs to be worked on... other than that, I like it.
  9. text sucks... But I do like the landscape.
  10. I checked out your page and you are taking some quality photos. I love the concept of "the bridge"... as for some suggestions... maybe some white and blacks would add nicely to your collection.
  11. Well, its been a while since I've done one this style. rate is up, and I'd appreciate some crticism or anything I could do to make it better.
  12. I like the style your trying to portray but runescape sigs just arent my thing... btw its razorz from the old runehq :)
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