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  1. Peter


    I used to have semi-bad acne... It seems to have gotten better with age or better habits. I wash my face twice a day with just a mild soap, from Neutrogena, and occasionally an exfoliate with just my hands (no wash cloth). Nightly I use salicylic acid only on hot spots, if any. That's pretty much it, but the thing that will make a difference is to change other bad habits like touching your face or forehead, eating greasy foods (it gets on your face), hitting the bong, or popping pimples (it causes scarring and will probably lead to more acne). And, as feminine as it sounds, get a facial. It's like a deep clean for your face. My sister's friend has a spa and I couldn't turn down a freebie. It helped A TON, and my acne wasn't even that bad before I got it. But, she also gave some great advice. Other things she told me were to make sure anything you put on your face (lotion, aftershave, etc.) doesn't have oil or alcohol in it, because it will either clog pores or increase the natural oil production, leading to more acne. She also mentioned not using extremely rough cremes or ointments (like the apricot scrub someone else mentioned) because they are usually too harsh on your skin. And, don't over do the face washing. Twice a day is all you need, any more and your body overcompensates for the dryness by producing more acne-causing oil. I've found that shaving helps a ton with acne as well, and she explained that it takes off the bunched up skin cells that contribute to acne, and it gives an exfoliating effect. Hope some of those work... Most of the medications doctors prescribe aren't all that good for you, especially your liver. If you're a female, there's a 100% birth defect rate while using Accutane, to give an example. Some doctors require frequent blood tests while using these drugs to make sure your liver is holding up during the treatment. And, you can't drink, because it stresses the liver.
  2. I was jealous when you first told us you were leaving, and I'm even more jealous now. I can't believe it's already been six months... I'm working on a trip like that too, or just mini trips until I get to everywhere I want to go. But in my experience working for months at a time to save for travel is ALWAYS worth it. Thanks for sharing, but undoubtedly the photos are no depiction of the moments you experienced.
  3. Peter


    Almost everyone in my close friend group has one or more tattoos, and I love to see the art. The more artsy and elaborate, the better. I've seen a couple of people who got the inside of their lower lip tattooed with a word with personal meaning, and I'm thinking that's a good spot for it. You've got something with meaning, and not a soul will see it unless you want them to. That said, there is nothing in my life that I can imagine having for 10 years and still love as much as the day I got it. Extrapolate from there to say, the rest of my life, and I still can't imagine loving something as much as when I first got it. Just a part of my personality. I'll probably fall in love and get a divorce within a decade, and I probably won't be able to stay put in one place my whole life, but that's just me.
  4. Catastrophic events such as tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes, etc., are a means of population control... Sadly there will need to be many more to keep this planet from being overrun by people. Or the whole idea of fighting for your country... But that's pretty messed up if I go into detail. Finally an interesting topic.
  5. Peter


    Lately I've been having some strange ones... It's happened twice in the last week, both times with aid of alcohol. What happens is I'll fall asleep in an unfamiliar place, like my friend's bed, or a couch, and dream that I wake up and everything is the same as when I went to bed. Only when I actually wake up do I realize that I was just dreaming. The worst part is that I feel like I'm not getting any sleep because I dream I'm awake in the same situation. It even goes so far as to drift in and out of fake sleep, where I get up for some water or to lock the door or something simple, then go back to bed, then get up again. I had to kick people out of the apartment once too. Then I really wake up, and my mind is blown...
  6. It's been summer break since May 15 for me... A couple days after school was out I went to Europe for a couple of weeks, now the rest of the summer has had a hard time living up to that experience, but I'm having one of the best summers I can... Working 45-50 hours a week, then raging on weekends. There's not much else to do with such a tight schedule... I fit things in when I can like going to the lake. I've got a couple of camping/road trips coming up before the end of break, but I have until the end of August to do whatever. Then it's the same general plan (work/rage) plus taking 15 university credits. I'm having a good time.
  7. Peter


    I can't say I'm addicted to anything... I try my best to avoid patterns that can lead to addiction. For example, I'll have coffee every so often, but not daily, as I don't want to get addicted to caffeine. They say if you can go three days without something, you're not addicted, and I'm pretty sure there's nothing I can't live without for three days except for the essentials like food, water, oxygen, and sleep. I try to keep myself in check as I see addiction as a very undesirable personality trait... Versatility is key.
  8. I read in National Geographic that, by the middle of the century, with an optimistic outlook, it is estimated that the world will have used half of it's oil reserves. Given the fact that oil has only been used in the last century and it's use is going up, we might be out of oil in 150 years. Nothing that concerns those of us that are alive now. There are a couple of ways of looking at this. One is to not change our habits any, because it's their [the people of the future] problem to deal with when we run out of oil. The other way, which I don't think will be effective unless EVERYONE does it, is to cut back on oil use so that it lasts longer. Mark my words, if the world ran out of oil tomorrow, it wouldn't take more than a month or two before a new system is developed that's cheap and a reasonable replacement for gasoline use. Oil is going up because of high demand, not because it's costing more to produce, refine, etc. Make the demand go down and you've got cheaper gas. The problem is, and I don't know why it took this long to figure out, but the oil companies know that we'll buy gas in the same quantities as we were, because most of us are dependent on it. I drive about 45 miles a day for work alone, and that doesn't include anywhere else I drive. It doesn't sound like much of a daily drive, but I spend about $75 a week on gas at this rate. I won't ever cut back because the only way to do that would be to stop showing up for work and that won't happen. My demand will stay the same, and I know that a majority of the gasoline consumers in the world are in a similar situation. The minority of gasoline users have found ways, sometimes extreme, to lessen their gas use such as buying a hybrid, riding a bike, using mass transit, etc. I'll say it again for emphasis though, if nothing happens and our oil habits don't change, a new system will be found and used. I'm not going to change anything except my driving habits because I might get 1 mpg more if I drive like an old man, but it all adds up I guess.
  9. A significant amount of drugs that are illegal for recreational use are valuable in their contribution to the medical field. All opiates, which include morphine, codeine, oxycodone and many others, are frequently abused recreationally, and all can be found and used frequently in a hospital. Then you've got anti-depressants that are abused, but they also prove useful for those who are depressed. Marijuana is just another drug that can be used medicinally and recreationally just as well. THC can be synthesized so that it is in a pill form and the drug doesn't need to be smoked. Then you've got just another drug that can be incredibly valuable in the medicine community. All of the above drugs will give you a head change just as marijuana will, so using the fact that they get you high isn't a good enough argument to say that a drug such as this isn't useful in medicine. The point is, so many drugs that are useful medicinally can be just as easily abused. If you're going to argue against medical marijuana, you should be arguing against any drug with addiction potential, such as opiates (incredibly addictive), and the many other recreationally used drugs. Marijuana is no different. At it's present time, due to the fact that it was used recreationally before it was used medicinally (at least in our current society), there is a bit of controversy following it's use in medicine, and as far as I'm concerned there shouldn't be any problem with it. So what if people feel good when they're fighting pain or an illness or depression or any number of the thousands of problems marijuana can help for?
  10. My last year of high school had just started, and my dad had just gotten out of the hospital after emergency triple bypass heart surgery. So I'm sure the first thing I did was somewhat infused with those events... But I don't remember, it's been a long while. 18 isn't really a big deal in the good ol' USA unless you're a big fan of tobacco. I voted, yeah, and I signed up for the draft as was my legal obligation. I even got carded at 7/11 because some friends I was with bought some cigars and she wouldn't sell unless we were all 18, so, passed that test. But it was great being able to step into a pub in England and grab a couple of pints legally, and that's why 21 is a good age to look forward to in America. After that it's 25 to rent a car and get a huge insurance break, then it's 55 for senior rates, and beyond that... We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
  11. Here's one from France:
  12. I joined the community (which has changed formats twice now...) back in late 2001, before Scapeboard. Back when it was the original phpbb, and Andrew and Paul threw out the occasional post. Back when I used to play. I don't know why, but I've stuck around the OT area for all these years. Makes me feel old to remember a little over six years ago. I have no idea what my first post there was. Then I remember the transition to Scapeboard, and when they got hacked and the private mod/admin boards were opened to the public. Following that were mass bannings of those who went in those boards. I remember the transition to where we are now, back in 2004 after a while of the boards being shut down. Being a mod a couple of years ago gives a different perspective of how things really go down around here. There are still a few oldies around, good to see.
  13. Peter


    My week has been based around some form of the same seven events, with a couple of extras tossed in. Today it was in this order: Awake at 6. Shower, eat, drive to work. Work at 7. Lunch with my grandma and cousin at 2. Worked out. Other job at 4:30. Dinner at 7. Sleep at 10. Yesterday it was: Awake at 6. Shower, eat, drive to work. Work at 7. Other job at 2. Worked out at 6. Dinner at 7. Sleep at 10. I literally don't stop moving until about 7:30 on any given night, and get around 2 hours of relax time. Class starts next week, somehow I'm going to have to fit that in.
  14. Keep in mind, your parents have raised you for the last 18(?) years, and suddenly you're going to be gone. At least with a four hour drive there is a chance of seeing you still. I go to college in my home town (I moved out) and see my parents at least once a week, and that's the perfect balance. I know kids who drive three hours on weekends to see their families. Some people need that. Everyone, spare no one, who I know that came to school from out of the area, has missed home. Those are all things to keep in mind. That said, who is paying? Sort of a rhetorical questions, since you mentioned you will be getting the loans. Since your parents aren't putting forth the money for you to go to school and make a better life for yourself, it's kind of up to you to do. Since you're paying for it, you may as well pay for what YOU want. That might be enough to convince you, but now you need to convince your parents. The last thing you want to do is leave in the middle of the night on a bad note to Arizona and not see them for four months only to go home to deal with more family problems on the holidays. I can't help any about the boyfriend and your dad, but maybe your dad thinks the only reason you're doing this is because of him, and not for your own reasons. Something else to think about...
  15. Are you not allowed in the refrigerator or something? Can't see why your parents would be mad... Guess I was raised differently though. It's probably just sprained, but make sure you don't move it. If at all possible, get someone to tie something stiff to it (like a stick or a couple of wooden spoons) to keep it immobilized. Then ice it, and take some ibuprofen. That will make sure it doesn't get any worse. I don't think I'd go to the ER, maybe urgent care or your family doctor as soon as possible. ER is usually reserved for just that, emergencies, so they take urgent cases first. I'm not a doctor, but is that what you wanted to hear?
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