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  1. But in that same respect, as a business, they have nothing to gain by silencing the dissatisfaction of its userbase. It may help their "image" and, in turn, draw in new customers, but it doesn't fix anything and those new customers are soon to find themselves among a dissatisfied community regardless. The key here is not to ignore the issues and silence the nay-sayers. They need to accept the criticisms and strive to improve the quality of their game. If they want a userbase that has nothing but nice things to say about them, that's something that needs to be earned - Not censored to save face.
  2. This is the first genuinely enjoyable update that Jagex has done recently, I think. I've always been a fan of Temple Trekking, and this update just renewed my love for it. I stopped trekking after getting the Constructor's Outfit, but I'll definitely be heading back to get all the followers to level 99. (The Constructor's Outfit looks awesome too, which is a plus). I'm a bit disappointed that the Ghast familiar is so useless, but there's still plenty of worthwhile additions/improvements to the minigame, which is more than what can be said for a lot of other content in Scape. (Instead of Clan Citadels, they really should have hyped this update - It actually has playable content!)
  3. We can only hope. While the Corporal Beast may be by far the toughest boss to date, it's still rather disappointing now that people have worked out particularly effective strategies. Maybe it's just me, but I'd like for there to be a boss where the risk is at extreme measures regardless of the size of your team or the strategies you devise. Until then, we'll never have a true challenge, nor a truly rare drop.
  4. That provides a use. No, that idea, though good, would be more appropriate for Summoning. Something like a dragon or crow, that's known for hording things of a gold/shiny nature. Well I'm not against cash shops having a unique use outside of equipment bonuses or acting as raw materials. It's when the cash shops directly interferes with the economy by disrupting the traditional means of these, through our usual raw materials/armors/potions/etc that the cash shop has a negative impact on the game. The fear is that cash shop items would cause existing items to become obsolete, thus affecting the economy harshly, but this wouldn't be the case if an item held a completely unique ability such as drop retrieval. Although I do agree that adding it in with usual game content, such as an update to summoning, would be more appropriate.
  5. Though I can't really speak on behalf of everyone at RuneVillage, I'm pretty confident in saying that this won't be a problem. We're all just looking to a have a nice, fun event with a group of people looking for the same thing. I trust there will be good sportsmanship and a warm atmosphere all throughout the event. :D Although I'm obligated to both root for, fight for, and hold responsibility for the win of RuneVillage.. I wish you all the best of luck. :P It should be a fun event. I'm certainly looking forward to it. Just don't underestimate us Villagers; A lot of us can play a mean game of Castle Wars.
  6. Pets are a nice idea. And maybe they could actually do something useful, like automatically pick up your coin drops for you. Lord knows people waste thousands in coin drops out of sheer unwillingness to pick them up. lol
  7. I would actually encourage the idea of a RuneScape cash shop that sells purely decorative items, given a couple limitations. First off, the items would have to be cash shop only, meaning no buying full naval/ringmaster/other existing costume. Second, they really need to improve their equip table so that costume items which give no bonuses simply overlay your equipped armor. This is an equip system I've seen in other games that I simply love. It would give more point to costume items, and make them more desirable on release of said cash shop. I don't see a RuneScape cash shop ever being developed though. Possibly within future projects of Jagex, but not for RuneScape.
  8. Don't sweat it man, champion scrolls are pretty rare. I myself made a habit of killing every imp I came across until the fateful day one dropped that crimson red scroll. I estimate around 1k kills or so, and I was 131 combat at the time. (If I recall correctly.) Just keep casually killing them and I'm sure luck will grace your path.
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