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  1. I've completed my Profile, take a look when u have a chance.

  2. Im fine with my current rank, if i were to join another clan after tk id like to stay a member.
  3. Watched around 30mins of it, Sa did well despite being outnumbered by 15-20 most of the fight.
  4. Why are you bumping old topics?
  5. Nice Pulls to start off your summer downfall, Gratz and hope to see more 40+ pulls
  6. Tempted Killers vs Ascension Rules : All Styles Turrets Kills to 50 No Sniper cap Rush on Site Tempted Killers in RED Ascension in Blue Starting: Maxed at 31~ Overview : Well surprising we massed quite a bit more then ascension since they asked us. So we began setting styles for our CWARI which was semi short prep. We had a good variation of styles which was really good. It helped us make this fight rather short and kept us entertained. Ending: Sorry for the lack of pictures. Thanks for the great fight, and good luck against my boys in Envy.
  7. Yo black man

  8. couldnt war cause my internet was being stupid today, Gf Gladz You guys did great.
  9. Gf BI we came into your timezone and did well
  10. Tempted Killers VS Ak-Latin Ak-Latin approached us today with around 30 people on looking for a war. Having nothing planned for today, we accepted the following rules: Binds Melee Range CWRI Turrets 45min cap (changed to 30 mins) No dung No Corr We Pull 20 people while ak-latin pulled 25. Going into this fight, we knew we had to keep our binds up and our pile strong. The fight started out pretty even, the kills stayed within 2. Tk started to pull away at the 10 kill mark and never looked back. With great calling by Lordz Dragon, superb binding, and a strong range unit, we were able to claim victory despite being outnumbered by 5 throughout the fight. Great performance Boys keep up the good work and thanks for the fight Ak-latin was fun. Pictures Starting: Ending before NAV portal spammed: Ending After he portal spammed: War pictures:
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