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  1. Thanks, well this is upsetting, I missed the update that told about the stock buying :(...
  2. After the recent crash of the "Eye of Newt," I bought 110k of them at 40gp each. They are still dropping and I am wondering why... If anyone is a skilled mechent, and knows if it will go up or anything please post. http://services.runescape.com/m=itemdb_rs/Eye_of_newt/viewitem.ws?obj=221 ^ is the Grand Ecxhange. Thanks
  3. I would definately not do the quest vampire slayer! It takes a few HP levels off you pure.
  4. Another reason why we need to be able to punch people through the internet. I wish you guys new the story, Littleboy made me a sig, I thought it was cool but didn't carefor it. Another person PM'd me a sig that i thought was cool, he said it took him 5 minutes but was much better than Littleboy's sig.
  5. -.- I wanna see a pixel of what I want.
  6. You already got 2 people to make you a signature. You can't just keep trying to trade up. One was not a pixel, and the other one was a rivalary sig, which I turned out to like alot. I would like to see a full pixel.
  7. Wrong if it is free choice, it is disgusting. If it is genetic, many can't help it. But nobody knows.............................
  8. I was babysitting and saw it, it was also a great pixar film. It was sad... :cry:
  9. Any ideas, starts, anyone?
  10. AlperBacon3


    Isn't this what created emos?
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