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  1. It's about time you do something useful. Almost 99 Fishing finally..zzz. :)
  2. Just remember. Wax on, wax off. (Not really sure what that has to do with anything, but the old guy from Karate Kid was a beast.) Just dropped in to say hello. :)
  3. Are there any websites where I can download old 2007-2011 PK videos? I know there used to be sites, but I wasn't sure if any of those worked nowadays. :) Thanks
  4. Probably the last level I will get for a while/years/whatever unless I push myself to 98. I feel like what I am paying for this game a month isn't worth it anymore..and with new skills next year my chance of maxing sucks even more. So last night I unsubscribed. Besides, I've always been better at Call of Duty anyhow! Until next time guys, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  5. Well I haven't played a lot since my last update. Mostly because of work and the holiday. However, with the EoC update Mining has become quite fun..so I will be focusing as best as I can on that until they nerf it or I get 99!
  6. I got these a few days ago, but just haven't posted them..I don't really have a goal right now. I've been filling my horn at BA again for some more Agility, but I may pick away at some Mining. :)
  7. I see my botting program stopped working and I logged..Maybe I should've been a Charlie.
  8. Yeah..getting excited, but also not ready for Mining/DG. Hopefully the solo rate update will help me when no one wants to do floors with Uncle Travis. :( Anyhow..played a little before work this morning! Gained 71k in two doses of Hunter Potion which puts me 1092k away from 99! Got a busy evening tonight, but I should at least be able to sneak under a million xp! :)
  9. Not much to report. Bought myself a new Razer gaming Headset today. Slowly working to 99 Hunter now..not going to rush it because I know what is next. :<
  10. I'll find you a good Rambo picture today once I get home. Maybe we both can look! :D
  11. :( You almost went to page two! I think you are due for a new signature. Yours bores me. Zzzz. :)
  12. Got my third tattoo today! :) Hopefully 98 Hunter tomorrow night after work...
  13. Glad to see you are back! You should add me and PM next time we're on! I sort of caught up to you, but you still have the upper hand.(;
  14. Well I finally got 97 Hunter! I am off tomorrow so I will try to get halfway or so toward 98..not really over doing it since I am closing in now. In other news..finally got done with third shift after a month..zzzzz. I also got contacts today! They are wicked awesome! :L Oh, and I am getting my third tattoo on Saturday. :) Torn flesh with metal and bullets on my chest with "USA" coming out of it. :)
  15. Thank you so much for all of your support and chat through out that entire month! It means a lot! You'll be catching me in no time! You're a regular pro. ;D Sometimes I feel like I have the DG skill level of 18. :( I am trying! Thieving and Agility are going to ram me in my ass. You're just mad I haven't gotten banned yet for it. ;D Slowly creepin' to level 97..one more night of third shift. :<
  16. Over 800k XP today already...doing some DG now. :) 150k/200k tokens for Chaotic Bow
  17. It was a HUGE day yesterday! I got 99 Runecrafting! I also started Hunting..I dusted off over 600k Hunter experience, and then later in the evening my clan decided to do a little DG! I started about 705k from a level there, and after 4 or 5 floors with them I wanted to continue...so a friend I met while Rc'ing invited me to a floor..which turned into like..7! I got 95 Dg this morning! I should be able to clear off 95 Hunter today because as I write this I am 286k away already! I am THINKING you can expect 99 Hunter sometime soon..
  18. Will you accept small children as 200M Smithing donations?
  19. I like your 70+ idea. That's very smart actually. Your Slayer makes me kind of sad/sick to my stomach. :(
  20. Keeping a war/USA theme going..top of my chest is getting done in the coming weeks. Not sure whether to be excited or scared. :c
  21. Finally managed to get level 98. I was going to get it yesterday, but for some reason I slept about ten hours straight without waking up..can't really figure out why either. Anyhow, going to see about grinding out 99 in the next few days! :)
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