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  1. Killed a few frosts with a dragon spear because thats all I had, made 1.4m Might do solo DK rex with a polypore since D hatchets are 6m each Also got this at frosts
  2. How big is your screen ? You seem to be able to fit pretty much everything in yours I only can get a few boxes in :(
  3. Do the big chinchompa d&d whenever possible and catch red salamanders while your waiting for it to reset.
  4. Went to Tog after 29 div thinking I'll get enough exp from the reward just to get me 30... ended up getting a whole 11 levels! This skills boring and slow :( Decided I'll stop at 80 if I even make it that far lol
  5. Well I'm back to RS. After quitting just after Christmas I gave my bank to my friend and dropped all my untradeables (I thought I was going to quit for good) so now I have to redo everything which is going to take some time, also my cash stack is 546k or so :( Just training some divination till i get fed up. Also could someone list me some of the major updates since christmas time ? Seen everyone talking of stuff and I have no clue what there on about lol
  6. Thank you :) Quick update; Got 44 RC + managed to get nature talisman drop after tons of hobgoblin kills, then I had to go for the rest of the day. Current stats:
  7. Currently getting 44 Runecrafting for natures, then I'll go kill Hobgoblins near the crafting guild for a nature talisman. After that I will do Rune Mysteries and Rune Memories for the free pure essence.
  8. Gratz on the hilt, hope I get this lucky with my diyer when I PvM :D
  9. Few small updates :) 3k Herb exp from challenge: Rune SQ drop from Cockroaches! Just going to get 44 Runecrafting for natures, also need to get a nature talisman as a drop from somewhere, heres my current stats.
  10. Got members just now so alot of updates will be coming! Did a few quests yesterday nothing much F2P DIY is really limited, also changed my name to "News Feed Jr" so add me if you wish :)
  11. Well came back to RS today after a break, forgot my login email to the original DIYer I made so I made another one. Getting membership on Friday so I want to get as many F2P quests done as possible, I also want ALL trainable P2P stats to 5.
  12. I'm getting around the same but I'm using mounted glory in POH to get back to Edgeville.
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