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  1. Alkan has stated that he's currently going for 99 Runecrafting untrimmed. Source: Check out a few more recent videos on his newer YouTube channel "Alkanrs", he's talked about it there.
  2. I could do that if I felt this suggestion would amount to anything more. Feel free to bring it into MS paint and color them out if you're so inclined x3
  3. I see your point. This suggestion is coming from one of those types that feel bad if they're not gaining XP c;
  4. Can I have Preordain instead? Come on, Jagex, three mana for two cards?
  5. Okay, this is less of a "serious" suggestion, and more of an idea I had and am sure others have had, as well as an excuse to play around in Photoshop while I afk woodcutting in the background. *ahem* anyway, Skillcapes are huge reason many people train their skills to 99, especially when they're newer to the game. They're cool looking, they come with a neat emote, and they look good with almost anything. When you consider that a skill's cap is 200,000,000; and 99 is only about 1/15th of the way there, it seems logical for you to get some cool visual upgrades to your Mastery cape. I wouldn't venture to call someone a master if they've only done 1/15th of the skill! Regardless, I mostly just wanted to have some fun designing these. I opened up Photoshop and spent about one or two hours whipping these up while I trained Woodcutting in '07 in the background. Keep in mind, I didn't put *too* much effort into these, they were just for fun. So don't gripe on my Photoshop skills, hehe. Take a look: [spoiler=Level 99 - Magic Cape I (t)] The standard skillcape. We all have one of these. [spoiler=50,000,000xp - Magic Cape II (t)] The second tier cape features a second trip going down the cape. [spoiler=100,000,000xp - Magic Cape III (t)] The third tier has a bit of a pointier base, as well as some neato metal things hanging off the backplate. [spoiler=200,000,000xp - Magic Cape IV (t)] The final cape is decked out with more neato metal things, and some sparkley particles! Wooh! I'm not quite sure what I'm actually looking for anyone to talk about here. I just wanted to share my designs, I suppose. So I guess, just comment on the designs, give constructive criticism, or add your own designs/ideas. Or talk about whatever you want, I aint give a care. Just don't point at me when the mods come a'hammerin.
  6. Yo, I'm averaging around 1,500 nature runes per hour crafting in the abyss; I have access to only the small, medium, and large pouches at the moment. Does anyone know what I should be getting? I feel like I'm being too slow to get a good rate of RC experience or money.
  7. Cool, thanks. I was under the impression it was just ammo. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy ^^
  8. A few days ago, I was in the slayer tower, training some - you guessed it - slayer. I switched over to my inventory to pot up, and noticed there was an iron ore in my inventory. I thought "Perhaps the creature I'm slaying drops these and I didn't notice". It happened once or twice more that day. Today, however, I was on a farm run. I was looking straight on my inventory, when an iron ore appeared. I'm sure there's a logical explanation of sorts here that I'm missing. I'm wearing an ava's accumulator, could that have anything to do with it? I don't believe I was wearing it while training slayer...
  9. Banks should remember the previous x-value.
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