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  1. Just get it tomorrow as planned, move on and grow up.
  2. Ahh, who knew that our favourite player was a yeti?
  3. I don't think they are dead clicks, they have changed the click area so you have to click on the spell itself, clicking around it won't work, same with prayers, flicking soul split just got harder.
  4. "Players can no longer spam-click to cook items faster than the make-x system allows." - Patch notes.
  5. Microchasm...? Did you mean microcosm? The first half of the article (and a bit later on) sounds a bit like the six degrees of separation, which I find fascinating :P. I found the second article a good read, although it was slightly bitty, and I hope that some of the ideas expressed in it will be explored in more detail in further issues.
  6. It is me, or are these being posted later and later? I liked all of the articles today, apart from the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors that I have become accustomed to in RuneScape.
  7. I would far prefer quest lines to be merged, than to continue on divergently. Maybe the epic quest will bring everything together, we shall see.
  8. Me: I'm going to buy torags I think Noob: Oh, ok ...Some time later Noob: What's a torag?
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