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  1. got 91 thiev no pic prob not resuming kq task for a while cuz of shitty servers so guess its rc time
  2. kc 123 still no head, I hate this boss FeelsBadMan btw am occasionally live at https://www.twitch.tv/deeliteone_rs playing rs / other games
  3. Yeah it is 93 jacks0n got confused and thought I was saying I could do it at 91 somehow Got a kalphite task and doing KQ for it in hopes of head, alternating it with thieving so I don't burn out too hard on either one
  4. Saru was a babe and lent me imbued heart, got the ardy/desert task done (still need 2 more levels for wildy unfortunately) then went NMZ and voila:
  5. p2p runs in 19 hours and gonna play a couple other games before resubbing at least
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