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  1. cb-wise just have 94 magic left which is gonna take a while (barrows for elites and alchgility)
  2. Little over 5k for this one, all in all, well below drop rate for all 10 overall
  3. Been overwhelmingly doing lessers but the same group of pkers attacked me twice in like 30 mins so went to skeles and got this literally 2 kills into the trip, and like 200 overall. Cool. All primed to go hella dry on lessers. edit:
  4. Used Twitch Prime's one month p2p offering to come back for a bit. Some pics (looks like puush is down atm): All 3 of these were yesterday and decently under 1/5k: Working on the remaining 3 before hitting max cb.
  5. Been working on this for the past few weeks (not many hrs/day). Nice to have the burden of doing it before 99str/agil off my back.
  6. Logged on and resubbed to rs3 (not gonna play) to get my free quest reward stuff: lol
  7. http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Old_School-exclusive_content
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