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  1. holla got a different master from a different hard casket so much for grinding farming lol
  2. got another master, first step is 83 farming / spirit tree sherlock, gotta grind 4 levels and get a spirit seed
  3. casually working on 85 while f2p, havent been mems since starting new job in early june
  4. efficient magic training unlocked. apart from that mostly been doing slayer, almost 84. abyssal demon hype
  5. next up frem elite? only 4 rc levels off, but also need to kill dks and gwd generals which idk if i can do at current stats and with only 25m bank. ardy would be the most useful to me, but i need tons of levels in comparison
  6. Got 73 (and then 74) thieving to put me in stewing range for diary, might continue, forgot how fast thieving was
  7. 38 more marks for rest of graceful which will probably put me around 1/3 to 1/2 to 85, might just get that since it's max diary req
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