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  1. In runescape, there is an unwritten rule: "Anyone with a lower level than you, either in a skill or in combat, is a noob" "Anyone with a higher level than you, either in a skill or in combat, is a no lifer" You can guarentee that a lot people, usually unknowingly, follow these rules. Obviously these two statements are complete and utter rubbish. I define a noob (in runescape) as: 1. Someone who wants a quick and easy way to everything or someone who doesn't want to put any effort into what they are doing. 2. Someone acting in a rude or disrespectful manner towards other players. Lots of people assume players with low combat levels are noobs, this is cleary incorrect as they could be new to the game or a skiller. Then there are people who make up stupid catorgaries of noobs, here are some examples: Defence Noob Attack Noob (Insert skill here) Noob Pest Control Noob Level 3 Noob Quest Noob Skill Cape Noob (yes i've heard someone say it) Skiller Noob Combat Noob PK Noob DDS Noob AGS Noob (Insert Weapon here) Noob The list is endless, what i would is like for people to think before they label someone as a "noob", and try to follow my definition of a "noob". (Unless ,of course, you disagree with it.) Hope you enjoyed reading and please post your opinions and experiences with the word "noob" (If anyone has a better definition of a noob please post) :thumbsup: \ :D
  2. I don't have a 99 skill so i am speaking from an outside opinion. I believe any skill cape is worth having no matter how many people have had it before you, but i personally think that the harder it is to train or how much money you have to put into it defines how "good" a cape is. I would welcome any 99 at the moment wether it be slayer or cooking since i don't have one yet, but obviously slayer is the better cape due to the vast amounts of time you have to put into it. If i did have a 99 in either fletching or cooking or any other so called "noob" skill and someone mocked me for it, i'd just ignore them, i mean how much of a fool are they for mocking someone for having the best level in a skill. \ : :thumbsup: :D
  3. Superb idea, it's not too overpowering to the players, and looks like a skill that would be hard to gain a 99 in. its just perfect lol!. Add me to the support list \
  4. I loved both topics :thumbsup: , in regards to the pvp one, i agree teleporting can be annoying, as can 1 iteming. It would be much better if you could only teleport when you were in a safe zone and if the protect item could only be able to be used if you are risking more than 75k's (25k on f2p) worth of stuff. And also to the guy who said it was unfair to remove teleing but not range and melee skills, it's still fair as you can still use offensive spells (ancients, blast spells.. etc)
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