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  1. The first image is our starting picture here is my starting one too :thumbsup:
  2. One of the funnest wars i've had, nice to not have a clan flame us or mock us after warring them. Thanks for the fight LGZ :mrgreen:
  3. Looked like a fun fight, was nice of DK to leave. Gratz on the win solace.
  4. After deciphering your illiterate post I have concluded that you are indeed mad. I've no idea what about but you are clearly mad.
  5. No :shame: , we was already beginning to walk down as DK showed up since we had prior notice that they were coming to attempt to snipe, which failed miserably btw. We didn't feel the need to contact one of your officials after slapping you around for 2 hours.
  6. Just pointing this out, you said Dk was sniping you, however your still in a pvp world with a clear ending. Dispite this you have also said you walked down. In between DK sniping you, and you walking down, why and when did you have time to take an ending in a pvp world with all of that happening, how long after the fight was this picture taken? After this picture was taken we walked back through GDZ which TK were no where to be seen then toward fish spot where we ran into DK who tried sniping us as we left. So it basically that you took an ending at Lava gap instead of RDG, and assumed TK to be nowhere even though they have a legit ending at RDG then as you were going thought greaters got sniped by DK which in turn in your minds would present that the fight was over, and logged with TK still being in the world at members gate. Odd, usually I would PM a rank from the other clan to see if they were done or not. Considering TK was at MG with their ending, and you were walking down to single instead of contacting them, wouldn't that mean you unintentually left the warzone therefore losing the fight :S? We were sniped be DK as we were leaving. You weren't at GDZ, so we headed towards gap, you weren't there so we headed back to GDZ then toward Fishspot and left. We aren't going to play hide and seek with you just for a better RSC topic. Quoted from RSC, PH left the fight then got sniped by DK as they were going down, meanwhile TK was at MG. I do like your overexaggeration on when you were getting sniped though r0fl So what, you felt the need to embarrass yourself here as well as on RSC?. Everyone who was there knows your full of crap :thumbsup:. Take the loss.
  7. Aren't you in PH? Not any more, he's in Divine Forces.
  8. Id like to say the fight was fun but it wasnt. LFJ needs to learn to adhere to rules. No corrupt rule was on: Was also Centre bounds: Multiple times bounds was broken and the mass sniping was awful.
  9. Your topics are amazing, you should write novels, you might be able to compete with the other fiction authors
  10. Expected. Quite a common DK tactic, don't feel bad it happens to a lot of people they "own".
  11. Thanks for the fight, was pretty close but you started gaining a lead around the 25 v 25 mark.
  12. Thanks for the fight, was fun, only one kill for me though :'(
  13. TBH I've noticed on every topic that PH has lost someone makes an excuse, such as on the CF topic they lost because 2 members had invo glitches and 4 people dced. A loss is a loss, It's your own fault for your performance. Excuses make you look even worse. Congrats NG was expected. We took the loss, it was expected he just mentioned a couple of things that hindered our performance. Your also downfall, you couldn't look any worse, step out into pvp with us once in a while <33.
  14. Been there done that xD Good luck in round 2.
  15. Quite a fun fight ^_^, good luck with round 2.
  16. No it isn't at all, it is difficult to fight a matched fight against a clan with 120+ combat average when ours is 110+ xD Is it hard to fight without cheating? I don't think envy appreciated it.
  17. you didn't even get to fight tho lol Yes I did, dunno what war you was watching :S did u get koed? 6th or 7th pile i think i was xD
  18. you didn't even get to fight tho lol Yes I did, dunno what war you was watching :S
  19. Ouch, good job TT, looks like you dominated.
  20. Gotta say Geddy lee is my favourite, especially in the song yyz.
  21. Wow, good job Exo, definitely unexpected.
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