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  1. Saw this coming a mile away. Gratz Killer :thumbsup:
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkoCkva-rBc Lyrics: Definitely a new sound compared to their old stuff but just wow, amazing song in my opinion, I really hope the album is as good as this when it's released. :-D :-D :-D :-D
  3. If you use forums a lot the Imgur addon is great, you can just right click on any image and reupload it to imgur with one click which is pretty useful. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/imgur-uploader/
  4. I joined PH back in late 2008. I've stuck through our days as a dominant CC team and watched us grow into a pretty solid Mid sized clan. It's incredibly satisfying watching your clan evolve and grow like that and after going up through our ranks pretty quickly it's something I've got a lot of pride invested into. The only reason I've stuck around in PH is due to the laid back atmosphere and the way the officials all join together to get things done, we went through a hell of a lot to change our image after all the crashing and other crap we did as a CC team and I wouldn't change a second of it. On a side note I heard DK just reopened, It's going to be an entertaining summer :twisted: :twisted: \:D/
  5. Summer is usually our time to shine, any notable rise in PH has occurred during the summer and it tends to be the funniest time of the year when it comes to pking, clans seem to be out a lot more and it's just generally more fun :D
  6. One person cannot speak for every clan. Each clan has it's own perspective and it just wouldn't work. Bit of a redundant question really :unsure:
  7. When do you think it's fair game for someone to leave a clan? When they feel they no longer wish to stay in that clan. As long as they're honest with their reason and it's a decent reason, not just "my friends have left so I'm going to follow" Have you ever flamed anyone who left in one of your past/current clans? On multiple occasions we've had people say they're quitting RS and then join another clan. We also had members leave while we were still deciding whether to kick them or not. On these occasions I flamed the [bleep] out of them. :twisted:
  8. We started out with 22 on TS ended with around 28, nothing we could do with a crappy pull like that, I'm honestly surprised we managed to last the cap. I'm going to rage next time I have to fight on W33, 200+ ping doesn't bode well for me -.-. Gratz on the win. :thumbsup:
  9. Was a fun fight, I enjoyed my time sniping the entire war xD
  10. damn nice job DF I would of thought this would of been a closer fight. Better luck next time TR :thumbsup:
  11. Pretty fun fight, would like to fight on even numbers though :thumbsup:
  12. So you exposed what exactly? That password & attempted logins were being stored...not exactly a thing that needs "exposing" really :unsure:
  13. In a lot of clan communities I've noticed that for some officials or leaders their authority is rarely questioned, now I know this isn't the case in all clans but It's a common occurrence that I've seen across the board. Do you consider yourself someone who'd speak out against something you didn't agree with whether it be something like DDoSing or just something like continuing to outlast a clan for a "win" or would you just go along with it? Can this be seen as loyalty to your leaders or are you just worried about "rocking the boat" so to speak? Personally if it's something petty I'll let it slide but if it's something I consider to be serious I'll bring it to the front of discussion. I'm not always sure if it's the best thing to do but I figure speaking out about something makes you more useful to your clan compared to just accepting it and hoping for the best.
  14. Sorry no, reporting/muting someone for breaking a rule, no matter how small of an infraction it was, is not even in the same galaxy as DDoSing an audio server.
  15. Personally I loot the arrows/food for the entire fight when I'm sniping and if the war is within it's closing stages (the last 5 minutes or so) I'll loot any rune I can get my hands on XD
  16. Until they find a way to support clans from places based off site like RSC or Tip.it and they implement ways to make clans more unique I think these efforts aren't going to effect pvp clans too much.
  17. Shame about the DDoS looked like a fun fight.
  18. RIP; I'm never glad to see a clan/team close to be honest :(
  19. GJ, I only made the first 20-30 minutes, our pull was under what we were expecting but gratz on the win, the bragging rights are yours
  20. 100% PVP, clan wars is just the same old monotonous fights over and over again, PVP allows for lots of different variables which makes it more entertaining and dangerous, a win in PVP is lot more satisfying than CWA for this reason.
  21. Wouldn't having a more direct approach like that make declining fights more common since there's no ramifications for doing so?
  22. So the images are pretty useless. Cool I guess.
  23. VR's also done well as its gone from being in a bad state to being able to hold its own in a 4v2 with eos struggling along. It is kinda ironic how VR's on EOS's side when EOS was out to kill them in the summer though. Any1 else wonder why there doing it/joined in? Well how about you ask yourself this question, It's a 4vs2, We already know RSD wont enter the crash war so there is nobody else for VR to side with, If they dropped EOS, it would just make things worse 4vs1. VR are basically fighting 4v1 as it is, there wouldn't be much of a difference if they dropped EOS.
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