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  1. Lovely blog post and although it's somewhat on the late side, best of luck to all your future goals and general scaping experience. I love your username, by the way. It's extremely creative. :P
  2. I've thought about it a fair number of times, but friends, mini-games (activities) and "fun" kept dragging me back/changing my mind. I also don't see a clear reason to quit. Where will your noob panda face be when I get 99 Runecrafting like we both know I will someday? :P -Loki.
  3. There's an exceptional guide for Fire cape and the cave in general in the Archive of Wisdom...you should take a look at that. :P
  4. qwedloki100

    Pixel daters

    Can't do anything about those immature pixel daters. Might as well put them on ignore list or something. While it's good to express feelings, not everyone wants to hear/see it, especially when it's meaningless like "baby..ily<3333333 -spam kiss emote".
  5. You gain the ability to, but lost your hands. I wish I don't need to read Huckleberry Finn for English class.
  6. [hide=][/hide] -editted- Can't do three space behind, or four space behind with ess :ohnoes: (and too lazy too pull out photoshop :-# )
  7. With the new update as of September 2,2009, half of those tricks and angles don't work anymore on certain altars and directions -.-. Orbs misclicks much more often. <-- is glad I played gop and did majority of Gop before the updates murdered it..
  8. yea...i saw 7 pages and im like "alright, somethings afoot" This is a thread for Great Orb Project players to post above average scores, and to discuss the Great Orb Project in general. At least, that's my take on it.
  9. Another 50 duo. Partner was: The Cat160. One of the orbs got repelled out when we hit 48. Curses of playing on world 61. [hide=][/hide]
  10. Mango Potion.. the game was too fast-paced for me to type out "Sorry, but my friend list is full." or "Sorry, I don't add people I don't know" (Or whatever excuse one would use). And 'nty' seens better than 'no'. So nty it is :P :mrgreen:
  11. Lion's surprised I played on a stacked team because I usually break. Grew wary of "stacked teams" with epiccally slow players, slowing the whole game down. Then the scores are worst than what I usually get with one partner.
  12. A 57. North - bl00dypwner West- Qwedloki100 South-Big Slash1 East- Stephanie508 Was a rather fast paced game. Wish the north didn't spend the first half the game piling on west though. [hide=][/hide]
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