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  1. Is there a thread somewhere that might explain what you by that? Because right now I have no clue how to interpret what you just posted. =p
  2. Ah okay, would still love to know more about magic attack vs magic defence, just because it would be so useful to know for playing castle wars.
  3. Is this something that has been proven? I have always been under the impression that lower level spells have a greater accuracy than higher leveled spells, although considering that the point of unlocking a higher leveled spell is to do more damage, having a higher splash rate would undo that so now that I think about it perhaps you are right. Would be nice to have that confirmed too though. Anyone at all interested in testing this further? I mean the original topic, but perhaps also the theory about different level spells having different accuracies too.
  4. The second article described something that I think would be a really great idea and very interesting to see. I've always wondered how things would have gone if I'd had to start from scratch in a completely new RuneScape with everyone else at the same level as me and how I might go about progressing through the game without the aid of the Grand Exchange and other richer players to buy my flax, yews and various resources from me. Currently as you approach endgame which is the case for many people, everything becomes about killing ganodermic beasts or cave crawlers for effigies, using those on runecrafting and maybe doing a farm run, or afking some ivy here and there. What if thieving was actually a viable source of income? What if you could get the first pair of dragon claws in the game? What if making your own yew longbows from scratch and alching them with your own natures was all the rage again? Another game that I play has this system already, with two servers running side by side and the second server being a temporary server that resets every 3 months. At the start of each season you get to see the winners from the previous season in various categories as well as all-time highscores with small prizes being given out to winners that may be used to get a small head start in the next round. The game I'm referring to is far, far simpler than RuneScape, yet it's still interesting to see how various different strategies develop for getting ahead as fast as possible, but with RuneScape being so much more complicated the possibilities would be truly endless and introduce a whole new kind of game. I really would love to see Jagex do this and if they did I could see myself playing this extra server very frequently, and not only that, but no more bankstanding!
  5. Just saw that the rev guide has been updated, but the some of the information in it is incorrect. The revenant AI section for example, the way it really works is that revenants will use the style against which you have the lowest defence which explains why revenants are generally observed to use magic; if you were to take ganodermic to revenants they would start using ranged attacks against you which are poisonous. If you pray however, as mentioned in the guide, then they will switch to using the attack that matches your next lowest defence. The section on recommended equipment suggests a rapier, but this is a bad choice. It was pointed out to me recently and I can confirm with my own experience that revenants heal at the same speed as you attack, so a slower, harder hitting weapon such as the chaotic maul will perform better. I always have used a chaotic maul at revs and was surprised at how it always got faster kills than rapiers, this explains it. Sorry if this isn't the right way to post a correction but I'm not really familiar with how to do this and thought this needed pointing out.
  6. Some NPCs (or even places) have names that are supposed to sound like words/phrases. I know this much so far: Sir Tiffy Cashien - Certification Sir Amik Varze - Ceramic Vase Lady Table - Lay the Table Sir Vant - Servant Sir Vay Lance - Surveillance Sir Prysin - Surprising Sir Gerry - Surgery Sir Renitee - Serenity Sir Vyvin - Surviving Fairy Nuff - Fair Enough Pikkupstix - Pick Up Sticks Pikkenmix - Pick 'n' Mix Kaqemeex - Cake Mix Sin Seer - Sincere Ali Tist - Elitist Larriar - Larryr (named after former #1 runecrafter) Mos Les Harmless - Mostly harmless Dahmaroc - Damn a rock! (not sure about that but oh well) If you have a pet rock with you and you get a Strange Rock, it will become really happy and a message will appear that reads: "Your pet rock is so happy to have stone-based company that it jiggles about a little in your pack." Got a whole lot more, but didn't really wanna copypasta my whole thread off rsof. =p
  7. I was thinking the same thing lol. My bank's a little under halfway to the 100M mark at the moment, but I would consider myself pretty well off seeing as I can buy everything that I really want anyway. So long as I can afford welfare cw gear I'm happy. =p As to the OT.. I don't know any really high gp/hour methods, but I find personally that the best way to make money is to do it slowly through lots of different methods, so the odd herb run, daily shop run, kingdom and picking up monster drops among other things; it's less boring that way. Barrows is probably my favourite money maker at the moment at ~500k/hour without any luck on barrows pieces, and then there is always that occasional high value item to keep you interested.
  8. Wow.. I once got 1570 points thanks to this guide. Awesome to see it still here, it's so useful. *tries to steal luck from my past-self* Could do with some of that again too. =p
  9. I want to wear more rings. Why can I only use one finger?
  10. When I saw them mention a new item slot I was sure it would be belts, they've been suggested so many times, but auras? Jagex always seem to come up with the least obvious things, whether it be new content or a fix to something.
  11. Did you just say what I think you just said? >:c I took the mystery box a few times, just got junk, except that one time when I got a cabbage, that was nice. (: I just pick the lamp now though, that 1k pray exp is worth over 20k. o:
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