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  1. 12m xp so far on bxpw, not bad. Just found out imageshack isn't free to use anymore, so I'll need to get a new imagehost.
  2. Back in the state for 2x xp weekend. Grabbed 2m friday/5m+ saturday on thieving. Updated main thread, updated title.
  3. Grandma took a turn for the worse, drove down last night. Her children stayed with her all night as her heart slowly gave out. When asked if she was in any pain, she scoffed at the question, 'no! why should I be?!'. Amazing woman. She died this morning painlessly in the comfort of an amazing hospital, surrounded by her children. Meanwhile, I continued to fall in love while waiting in the hospital. The circle of life, life goes on my friends. She lived a wonderful life and died a death that I cannot imagine being much better.
  4. No RS updates for today, made a sudden call to drive down all day to see grandma in the hospital. She's.. doing... idk, I'm not sure. It's hard to say, should could still live 6 hours or 6 years.
  5. Thanks for the well wishes. Didn't get into thieving much today, but got 120 dg done.
  6. Very bad XP day. Not complaining, family emergency. Grandma in hospital; 3x cardiac arrest with a DNR... strong woman, just casually heart restarting. She's 89, so yeah... strong woman. In the land of not sad and depressing, got 60m thieve earlier in the day, also 800K to 120 dg.
  7. I am a fan of that one, but nothing can quite make me smile the same way a certain very special girl does.
  8. Wow, I remember seeing this thread a short while after I created my tip.it account... Going to take awhile to catch up on all the posts since then. lol
  9. You know what is ridiculous? Back when I made this blog dungeoneering hadn't been released... and so my goal was "max total". But here is is, 2014.. and I'm still not actually "max total". It feels like I have achieved the goal, but I technically have never been max total because of dungeoneering. Well, nearly there, just don't feel like grinding it out atm.. even though it'd take a couple hours because I have more than enough bxp for 120. Lol Started a 99 RC goal for my iron man account because runespan is OP, and a skillcape would be handy for a combat cape. Added a xp graph courtesy runetracker.org for runecrafting.
  10. Another almost solid day of thieving minus regular responsibilities and the halloween update. Hit 50M thiev xp.
  11. Yeah, the "Old levelup pictures" section. You get to see RS go through the ages of what looks like... 2005/2006 and forward. Inspired me to get my old pictures out, maybe make myself a nostalgia section on my thread.
  12. Oh man, I love seeing those old pictures. Gives me nostalgia and I don't even have to be in them.
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