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  1. lol.. learn to tele fast enough gear up and pk him get loots and continue RCing?
  2. use them lumbermill scroll tellies? works well and theyre only 1k each.. but yeah you'll have to spend some monies on it, and gz on the lvls (again) :D
  3. i have had a lot of addy ore drops, 10 palm tree seed drops, 32 noted torstol and some several other drops like dstones etc. oh and 2k yew logs + some fire orbs
  4. Crowded with bots nowadays :( Behind the table in i believe the northwest corner ;) And to be on topic Ice Strykewyrms are the only ones i can think of atm of wich you are able to make a nice profit with fire surge.. Or make your own runes to use, boring but works ;)
  5. Id rather have something like that but then for fishing as fishing is a LOT slower as woodcutting is right now And a lot more boredom with fishing as well, nothing special like birdsnests for woodcutting..
  6. Pro topic already lool :thumbsup: :thumbsup: i vote Mr. Bean!
  7. Hmm, those deposit boxes are unliocked by a quest then i take it? im there atm but cant see/find it :( and gz on the lvl =)
  8. hehe, yerr i know.. but im getting better at it, already taking backup tort with rocktails to counter the pkers ;) got a couple kills that way already anyways, i use jennica's ring ;) and yes im desperate for a drop lol
  9. Hey, i think i have killed over 400 revs, got killed by pkers a couple times and havent seen a >Single< drop.. nothing not even statuettes.. anyone knows how thats coming? should i do some sort of special quest, take some specific item?
  10. for abd 2, 18 is good, 22 is normal... but yeah, the problem the OP is having is the teams he is using. You won't be getting such good times at your low level unless 4 of your teammates decide to carry you trough the floors. i know, but i asked it for the guy that made the topic, and for myselve later on
  11. where would you suggest to go to then for 25 min large floors?
  12. if he went to the waterfall or brimhaven dungeon its not a multi area, therefor summons cant attack ;)
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