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  1. 60m ranged. Also did my first few successful Nex solos. lol b/r drops
  2. 2 other drops in that BM kill. Yaka kill later had 4 drops.
  3. Well, to balance it out, all XP is boosted by 50%... It wouldn't take too long I hope.
  4. Gerbil got all his in less than 2k kc the other week, I am mad. Gz
  5. How the [bleep] did I survive a north tank kill with only 1 healer and no yak??? (It got instadropped on stun pool)
  6. o.o I know certain people who definitely do, that's how friends of mine basically lost billions lol Maintanking raids is fun
  7. I think Kr/Mgt/Laur openly admitting to account sharing and somehow still allowed to be on the hiscores is even worse. Quasar needs to see this lll
  8. Legit have to share this... seasonal drama is absurd LOL Warning: contains some strong language http://imgur.com/a/uS0EG
  9. Them and Bluemonst3rs Also was bored, hunted this stupid thing Also did Day at the Aquarium. First attempt we accidentally made it rewind =.=
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