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  1. Perfect. Thank you to both of you very much!
  2. Okay. What I mean is the original image and transparent. Sorry.
  3. Thanks! Is it possible I could have it as the original color with no extra contrast?
  4. Can anyone make this one transparent?
  5. Could I have a 100 x 100, red and white, please?
  6. The amulet of ranging doesn't look especially useful, b/c of no prayer. Right now it's valued at 1.8m, I wonder if it'll go up out of novelty or just go down.
  7. Jwviper

    99 Magic

    What are some common methods to get 99 magic? I know there's bursting lobsters and alching stuff. Any other ways?
  8. He is supposed to tell you to make a nearby gnome stop making so much noise before he fills it.
  9. It's complex process of building up your EP before you do the actual trick. It's long to explain, I have found some guides on other forums as well as this one. Try googling it.
  10. I always just stack all 10 there, it helps a lot.
  11. Elves beat dwarves normally, but on special terrain they're even from what I've found. And if it's vis versa then you'll slaughter the enemy. So I guess it strengthens whatever is on it.
  12. I am managing to win with 15+ kills every game. Special terrain helps.
  13. I got a good explanation doing the advanced breakdown you get after a game.
  14. I am trying to figure out how to maximize rewards points per invested amount. It looks like winning is a multiplier and kills are raw points. My question is, which affects reward points more, winning or getting kills? (i.e. Getting second place after being aggressive vs Sitting around and getting first).
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