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  1. Probably not seeing as we dont have 100 members?
  2. toned

    Oldest clans?

    Just because TS hasnt been in the limelight doesnt mean you can class them has having closed. TS, THE, BK, and Gladz are the oldest as far as im aware.
  3. two dcs right at start not much we could do from 18-20 and last fight our audio went down, seems we dont have much luck when it comes to fighting you guys congratz ce
  4. gf coll u had a better start than us but we picked it up
  5. tbh the only sad thing is tht u go into a tourney knowing that ur a team and that ur members clans have to come first. then asking for more time because ur affected by clans? next time wouldnt it be wiser to just reschedule it or ask the clan if they actually need those members... gz on the win though well seeing as we couldnt fight at say 8/9 est because DG are gmt+1 i think giving us 15 extra minutes to find a couple of pple is fair you complain about the lagg, but both sides had to play on the same world and then when one tko member went out of bounds you cant possibly comprehend that it was because he lagged, although your saying u lost because of lagg cool story bro
  6. LoL Was a good fight our pile was the strongest iv ever seen a 20 man pile at. Piles unable to move the binds were so good and everybody doing there job. Was suprisingly clean. GF
  7. But we won the fight with matched opts? :unsure: Its a shame you wouldnt drop the extra two in the first round but w.e, and you only had 4 pple under 120 in the second round so i wouldnt say you were particuarly outlevled, and in all styles id say levels mean less
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