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  1. Too bad I just noticed they mentioned Guinness World Records at the bottom, seems like a publicity stunt they never plan to really do.
  2. logdotzip just one up'd all of you, http://www.runescape.com/wilderness
  3. Limited and slowed it down? Hardly, rwt happens more now than it did when the trade limits happened. Instead of GP being bought/sold it's merch items, rares, high demand items, and ranks in merch clan ccs.
  4. I'm really disappointed with this quest, not worth a grandmaster title honestly.
  5. There's also a glitch with using Kuradal that's been going around that even if you didn't unlock them she'd still assign, idk if it's been fixed but I'd personally block them over unlocking them. They are slow, annoying and the slay xp/profit is terrible. I slay with ovl and turm too :D
  6. Very good guide, although it should be updated due to the updates done the the Tormented Demons and the "avoid damage altogether" method. If nobody is in melee range they automatically switch to another combat style. And I have found that hally isn't really worth taking over sgs/cls.
  7. If you think about it, if they fixed that, then everyone would go to f2p worlds to level dungeoneering cause it'd end up being faster and not require extra skills or something. I don't dung much but that's just something I thought might happen if they did "fix" it.
  8. http://[Use Quick Find Code]/c=Mc3lFqu9lg0/[Please Use QuickFind Code]?19,20,233,61334654,goto,1 someone started a drop log for em
  9. Looks like I'm going to have to find out what it does at that alter than, since I'm no lifing to 99 rc and all.
  10. I'm curious has anyone used the HandCannon at Armadyl yet and know if it's any good?
  11. I've been using mousekey for some time now. And all of the sudden it decides to jump twice per keystroke instead of only once. I have not changed anything on my computer that would affect it (to my knowledge). And to the guys who got banned, you should've known to switch it up or move your mouse or talk to people because of so many false positives.
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