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  1. but dk is horrible so nobody cares about them. But... you're EoS... who's horrible again? still dk. Wg And your clan has achieved what in the past few years? Gained #1 f2p, reduced rot to 40 man pulls, slumped VR, slumped DF. And your clan? Slumped DF rofl. Nowai. Anyway, I might going to join Shadow Elves DF went from 80 man pulls to 30 man pulls during the crash war, I know it may seem high to you since your clan pulls like 10 people and fights in clan wars lol. Lal, dont know if you can read, but im clanless. And no lol, during the crash war I saw them pulling 60/70s. Back to your 2 weeks of fame in a year. Clan:LegendzDf had a peak of 35 people today lol. EoS pulled 35, why are you talking crap towards other clans? http://rs-df.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=30055 still better than pulling 20 max :wink:
  2. sad, only my posts gets deleted...
  3. that had to have been the worst troll ive ever seen. It was a terrible troll but it was the truth. So don't cry big man kid. Naw we've beaten PH day in and out but cba'd to post it on rsc Ye sure. If uve not posted it uve not won it in our eyes so sandals statement was fairly true. every1 knows that ph can't beat dk
  4. You didn't clear us but whatever,gratz on your day out
  5. Good job dk saw you slapping ph. Also thanks for the fight
  6. cleared vr rofl? i don't see any vr in those pics
  7. why do you only fight dk all the time?:S
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