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  1. I have just tried to log in and am having the same problem, you are not alone!
  2. If you changed how you run things, there would be no problem.
  3. - Entire clip must be adequately visible (No super blurry effects, cut scenes, etc.) oh... i just started my industry training. i don't think i will have any time for RS beside checking updates and forum.
  4. P2p is constantly being outdated... should F2p be constantly updated? You seem to have a thing for old posts and topics. F2P has gottan plenty of updates since that post, it's all good.
  5. One of my friends always goes "meet you at 2:00" and is always late. I've grown used to it and show up 30 minutes late myself.
  6. Actually, I think OP wants it to be improved.
  7. Those Rangers Forted (I think that was the name) was also pretty popular.
  8. holiday

    Money making

    Do your dailies, MTK, battlestaves, all that good stuff.
  9. Geeze, the wilderness sounds pretty wild!
  10. Barrage would obviously kill them faster.
  11. I believe you get a warning message telling you it is in the wilderness.
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