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    Today I went to my first rave and decided that I much prefer chilling with some drinks in a bar or Lounge.
  2. They were brilliant. Will be seeing Qotsa May 25th, first Qotsa concert (seen the Vultures twice). OMG, saw CWK in Manchester Last night! Amazing, Front row. They didnt disappoint!
  3. @Sonikku. I also adore the little blue Hedgehog, but am quite ashamed of where the series/franchise has gone. I mainly use 4chan... (Other boards than the obvious such as /mu/ and /sci/).. I don't play online games
  4. Under Cover Of Darkness - the Strokes. Honestly, On evidence of this track, I'm Pumped about 'Angles' which will be released a month on Monday!


    Was I trying to have sex with the jellyfish or something else? Note: this actually will affect my answer. lol'd so hard! Yeah i had a few breakdowns with various friends today, and have my 18th birthday party later... i need something to lighten the mood tbh
  6. I have some very close friends, and some who are also part of the group who are 'false' friends. Other than that, nothing really to comment on. Same old same old
  7. Yeah now you put it that way, The internet seems a better option, especially seeing as they're 591ml bottles - Bigger than normal for here. It doesn't work out much more expensive than the average bottle of coke. Also I'm pretty sure they're plastic bottles too. I'm going to see how much I'll get charged for shipping before i do anything though. edit - Nevermind. 'The selected item cannot be shipped to your address' mind you, even to America it's $28.49 so it would've been pricey. Thanks a lot for your help, Johannas edit 2 - I found this. It will be as close as I come to actually getting real snapple again, unless i travel back to NY (I'm thinking about it) . but for anyone else in the UK in my perdicament, this is the solution!! and for about £5 in total! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Diet-Snapple-On-Go-Drink-Mix-3-Flavor-Choice-/190461576580?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item7216b91544#ht_2368wt_905


    theyre called 'Chips' in Britain anyway. Lucky fatty me gets to have it Twice tomorrow :/ and no offense, but America's has nothing on Britain's Fish & Chips
  9. Excuse me, I need to go find the nearest infant and pummel them repeatedly with my fist. >.< (It's ironic also because someday this will be me. [bleep].) To be fair, nobody learned about Budapest in the 3rd [bleep]ing grade. Everything in 3rd grade was extremely watered down American History, and by that I mean horribly biased and distorted stories of George Washington and the American Revolution and Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. Mix in some Pilgrims and Indians in November and you've got yourself a 3rd grade history curriculum. i dont think i know anyone who would know that, that is such trivially knowledge...yes i know of Hungary, and i know the bulk of my nations, but why do i need to know the capital? if im forced to learn the capital of every European nation, every European should be forced to learn the capital of every USA state there about the same size... Whereas this would be an interesting feat to achieve, We're still talking about whole countries here. Size doesn't matter. I'm British, and I know almost all the states, like a said earlier. That's a whole lot more than most Americans know about Europe, (and they're about the same size?) ;) Works both ways
  10. Wait, Johannas.. Waitrose stocks something similar in appearance to this? http://www.amazon.com/Snapple-Variety-Three-Yummy-Flavors/dp/B00196O92O/ref=cm_cmu_pg__header Still, it was nice of you to check! thanks! :D Im gonna have to get my dad to take me because the nearest one is like 5 miles from me.... :/ and it has to be Lyle's Golden syrup! just think Maple Syrup but thicker and sweeter :D Not quite treacle, but yeah, stuff's good!
  11. Darn you... :/ it was ALL i drank for 6 and a bit days. free provided by the hotel :D Lemon and Peach. (Iced Tea mind you) and now there's a void, haha @foursideking. Is it available in england?
  12. @Ginger Warrior, Hull isn't what most people expect. I'm just annoyed at the lack of Snapple. @Omar, Water isn't what I wanted to hear, haha. :/ @Johannas, That may be as close as I come to Snapple without Importing it. I can get a 24 pack off amazon from america for the equivalent of £1.73 per bottle, which is my back-up
  13. I apologise if this is the wrong thread, but I have a bit of a problem. see, after travelling to NY, I have a sudden craving for Snapple - the drink I lived on while there. Now I'm home, I can't find the stuff which was readily available in NY, anywhere! this is beginning to get on my nerves now as it's been almost a week without Snapple for me. Just wondering if anyone knows a place within England which sells Snapple (I Live in Hull) - if not, then a website I can order Snapple from, like a wholesaler etc. Thanks in advance!
  14. Guhhhhh.... Couldn't agree more. People that rave to certain kinds of music because others do. Although it could be applied to anything. 'I want X because it's nice. I now want Y and dislike X because Y is now better' When Y coincidently is the thing their friend has just bought. sheep in general. Superdry is starting to annoy me.... And with the countries thing.. I have a real interest in Geography and although living in England, could probably name all 50 US states and approx/exact locations on a map. Thats Just me.
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