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  1. We did coinshare cos dragon picks are crashing now :( What I find funny personally, is that to this drop, I was just pleased, while I used to go nuts over a zerker ring drop... I guess I'm spoiled now :P EDIT: To get a clearer picture, click on the picture twice
  2. Well, I've had me a decent month of levels, and even though this post will get wiped when the new forums finish (I'll repost it <3:), I think now is a good time to post it. [hide=Runecrafting][/hide] [hide=Ranged][/hide] [hide=Strength][/hide] [hide=Defence] [/hide] [hide=Hitpoints] [/hide] [hide=Prayer] [/hide] What do ya think? <3:
  3. Agreed, only stress and BS await.. -.- /end hypocrite mode... *Goes back to college* 8/10 on the stats way to go Cod. Glad to hear you finally took some time off beating people up for their votes to get some skills done :P Keep it up, you can EASILY get 99 wc and fish while in college and still maintain good grades unless you actually develop a big social life and are not in your room very often. A big social life? Cod has nothing big! :twisted: Congratz mate <3 I went to your party, so you better come to mine soon ;) Mage, def and hp > Range, theiving and crafting! 9/10 I suppose fatty ;) Post a bank =P~
  4. Its more than I hoped for, thanks for the estimate :D
  5. As a rough estimate to anyone that has any clue :P How much mage xp would 430k hp xp worth of barraging rock lobsters get me?
  6. Zaid made me do it! [hide=Those of a weak heart, don't look!][/hide]
  7. Aye :P Getting a long green lootshare line at Sara GWD and getting all excited, and reading: You recivered 30286 x Coins as a share of drop: Dragon Med Helm. :wall:
  8. I don't think so, willows have always been a cheaper method to 99 firemaking, its just the money saved does not make up for the extra time used
  9. Looks like he has melee protect on, just a bit too late though Nop :P I think people smite, because its easier to kill someone if they run out of prayer, and can't protect or use boosting attack prayers :P Nice kill, shame about the loot though ;)
  10. I like the look of that game, but I'd prefer Runescape ;) Personally, I'd log on as normal, finish getting the last of my goals if I can, and say bye to my friends, then quit the MMORPG gaming for good
  11. Donkeykong, I swear it, if you got that solo d pickaxe not long after I left, I will kill you, and I'm sure serpent will too :cry: Like I said to you Giga, you have too much luck
  12. Your quitting post made me lol so much mate :P 10/10, report me, IDC
  13. The D2H looks like a longer scimitar with less [bleep]es :wall:
  14. Yesterday, I got complimented by a level 103 for my nice dds spec on an Abberant Spectre :P 31-26, which is fairly good, but not something I get complimented on a lot. I guess it surprised him :) What impreses me, is skillcapes on players you wouldn't assume to have them, like a level 3 I've seen running around Seers with a runecrafting cape, and a level 20ish with a trimmed herblore cape. People in Spirit Shields with sigils get a second glance from me, as well as those in 3rd age, but I agree with the opinion that we see a lot of people like this now :P One of the opinions I've read is that most high combat guys tend to be obnoxious, or don't train other skills much. I happen to talk to most people when I train on my slayer task, no matter what level they are :P On my skills, I plan to max combat before concentrating on skilling, so it won't distract me :thumbsup:
  15. Excl, video made me :lol: so much :P He's great at what he does
  16. There is no garuntee that they haven't read those sites, and that quests for that kind of stuff are in the pipeline, but I think they are focusing on getting our existing quest lines finished first, like the upcoming Dwarf quest. Other than that, I'd love a Barrows Brother related quest, maybe opening some kind of expansion to the Barrows Minigame after you've done it :P
  17. It's an insane goal, but then again, so is 10hp at 99 slayer :P I'm sure someone will get it, probably Gert as said :ohnoes:
  18. :cry: Cya mate, was fun times I've spent with you, have fun IRL, but god damn it, LOG ON ONCE IN A WHILE TO SAY HAI!
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