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  1. Hmm nice to see I'm still on this list after not leveling up since like september.
  2. I'm not really effecient... I just do whatever I feel like to reach my goals. Maybe some people enjoy doing stuff like powefishing and alching at the same time...... but I don't. :rolleyes:
  3. "us" being the tezaki dragoons... that tezaki quit!! ahahahhahaha
  4. I have to quit rs for a while in 2 days... wondering about predictions for the required level to be on the list in febuary '11 (thats the time I am likely to return). Curious as to whether i'll still be on it.. I am guessing no.
  5. Go to world 1 or play with friends. ----------------------------- On a different note.. big bones are now 751gp. We have reached the 50 gp/xp mark. I could see myself maybe killing giants for 90 if I dedicated a year to it but otherwise don't think I'll ever get 99. Imo it won't be long before they are 1k each. At this point I don't think it is possible for anyone to get 99 without killing giants forever, having very strong knowledge of the ge, or mining runite all day everyday for a good long while.
  6. Thats not true at all.. look at my friends pk vid here from a while back.
  7. I can't play runescape java keeps crashing since this udpate :(
  8. Its great... I got lots of supplies for cheap and my friend was able to buy 50k green dhide bodies and will alch them for profit. :thumbsup:
  9. Guys the price of big bones are getting ridiculous..... I thought with more hill giants they would be cheaper but they are more expensive than ever. Since July of 09 they have more than doubled in price. What could the reason for this be? I'm not sure but I will only kill moss giants now instead of giant spiders. :mellow:
  10. Hi guys I just want to say I love f2p and everyone in f2p especially everyone in this thread!
  11. Hi looking for some feedback on my new look..... best I can make with this facial update it still needs some work.
  12. MeleeAxe

    The new faces

    I had no problem with the graphics... now they take something that isnt broken, smash it up, put back together with bubblegum, and say its fixed.
  13. MeleeAxe

    The new faces

    I think these faces are hideous. I look like jay leno with down syndrome regardless of what hairstyle I choose. I wish they would make these faces optional or something... because I really hate them a lot.
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