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    Basically, I'm a nitro-circus, adrenalin junkie kind of girl.

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  1. so dats what the colors mean :s Many Gratz (just a bit late, my bad :x )

  2. Hehe its not a problem at all :) Welcome to Tipit :D

  3. Ok :P I actually thought somewhere in my mind that Bella Bedlam was you but I wasn't sure. Anyway all is well thanks :)

  4. *huggles* I miss you silleh <3

  5. Hiideeho stranger! How's ya doing? Gonna try to get on RS a bit more and maybe talk? :x Happy majorly belated birthday Brandon, sorry I missed the actual day :\

  6. Hey you :P Add me on as Bella Bedlam... my other acct as you can see. Been in the hyt fc but haven't been talking or doing much on RS. I hope all is well with you and I <3 that pic you have up, lmao! Take care friend :)

  7. Happy birthday :D

  8. oh hai! I remember you lol. My holidays went quite well. Got myself a new blender :D

    How was yours?

  9. Hey there =) Yes, I still exist, lol. I just haven't been on RS or Tip.it for quite some time now. How are your holly-daze going?

  10. =( I miss you lots!

  11. You have officially been stalked.

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