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  1. Great guide Sonic! I think I've found a slightly faster way of making body runes, using the (relatively) new death system that respawns you in the nearest 'hub' (in this case Edgeville) when you die. So you start at Edge as normal, and run down to the body altar and make the tiaras. Afterwards, leave the altar and run to the Stronghold of Player Safety, entering through the crevice beside the Training Centre. Then make one of the level 83 roaches aggressive towards you, and wait for you to die. Upon death, you will respawn at Edgeville, right beside the bank. Repeat. Using this method, I was able to do 5 runs in ~8min 20sec, which is roughly 18.5k xp/hour. However, I had 10hp and 40def. Those with higher hp/def might take longer to die. The best part of this method is that dying recharges your run energy, so you can run indefinitely. Also for some reason tiaras are kept upon death, so you aren't losing out on that either.
  2. I think the stack of blocks on the right is the stalk of a giant mushroom.
  3. Happy birthday :D

  4. Mp3tag is a useful little program that can edit the metadata,, useful for renaming tracks and adding album art, etc... Plus, it's free too. :thumbsup:
  5. It's also possible to drink a dwarven stout and make the mith plate at 67 smithing, saving you some time and money.
  6. Hey :) Sorry about ditching during the dungeon, didn't know it was going to be a large... and grats on 83!
  7. Got these levels a long time ago, didn't feel like posting it until now: Haven't been playing much for the past week, but during the time I was online I've been training dungeoneering. I was going to take a screenie of lvl 40, but missed it, so here's 41: Oh and today me and Hai Im Rawr decided to become pyromaniacs :twisted: For the next 3 weeks I will be on vacation, so don't expect to see any level ups during that time.
  8. yeah, bank space is a problem, especially since we have to bank everything to train dungeoneering. the 10 extra spaces we got this week were awesome.
  9. 95 magic yesterday! Thanks to Hai Im Rawr for coming. Also got 30 dungeoneering but didn't feel like taking a pic.
  10. Think of the unfair advantage that would give to p2pers in pvp/bounty worlds...
  11. Sorry, it's been awhile since I last posted. I got the following levels last week: Then for the past week I did dungeoneering. Didn't like the skill that much on my main, but I realized afterward that dung-ing with other people is a lot more interesting than going at it alone. I have to thank members of the Clan of Ten for helping me get those first few levels, you guys are awesome! Surprisingly, most people did not mind when I told them I couldn't do combat, and I was able to tag along with random strangers :smile: I realized with strangers, it's a hit or miss situation. Sometimes you get people who are helpful and who know what they're doing. Other times, you get people who rarely talk, and take all the drops for themselves, which can get frustrating. Anyway, throughout the entire dungeoneering experience, I've proved that I'm no chicken: Also, with the help of dungeoneering levels, I got this: (somewhat) large image:
  12. The bandages are green? It's been awhile since I've played fog, but I remember them being red before. If that's not it then, it must be the fact that fog is not multi-way combat, yet the crossed swords are there. Oh and a pic: Yay 94 magic.
  13. Yeah, def takes awhile to lvl, but currently I've noticed that I've been getting a def lvl for every mage lvl. Speaking of which, I just leveled to 94 magic :-D One lamp away from 34 defence, so that should happen pretty soon... Am basically out of nature runes now, so I will go do something else besides alching and try to make back the money I've lost from it.
  14. ^ It's from Kingdom Hearts, a video game. Sounds good!
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