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  1. Pure KQ Pax/Magnus? Best level 3 skiller there is
  2. I thought a noted iron plateskirt was a verac's skirt #-o
  3. DDMatt

    Your a noob

    I always find this to be a good reply to the noobs
  4. Don't know what the street price is on this but I got it for the looks :thumbsup:
  5. [ This is what I get for trying to help someone, what has RS come too :thumbdown:
  6. Ranked #3 overall, was with a clan who was piling <_<
  7. I hardly ever see Smithing capes so I thought that would be in the Top 3. :mellow:
  8. My 1st post on TIF and boy is it a good 1. :thumbsup: 1st GWD Item drop too
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