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  1. Still, why should they get Skilling xp for killing monsters? Can you give my any vald reason? Also, they may have already gotten their skill up to 91+, but what difference does it make? I don't deserve free xp on my way to 99 just because I'm already 93 or w/e...>.> Besides that, have you forgotten about the dragonkin lamp? That's a lot of free xp you get too, at worst for nothing more than for posting in some stupid thread "93 con assistance needed pl0x!" But I ask you again: Why should these effigies have been added to Runescape? Can you see any other purpose than making skills easier?
  2. Yeah, his/her logic is flawed. You would never get that much in one skill from one effigy. Also you have to be doing combat to get the effigy so it's not like you're adding that on to experience that you're already getting. I did find the quest article interesting :D Of course you will never get an effigy which requires runecrafting 4 times in a row(or can you? I'm not sure about that lol). Anyway, keep in mind you will probably get multiple effigies. Okay, that part of the article maybe wasn't worded the best way and leaves some side open for attacks, but you have to admit that it IS a lot of experience. And the part about doing combat....Yeah, you're killing monsters. And you're getting Runecrafting XP for that. And Thieving XP. And Smithing XP. And Construction XP... Need I go on? People who do combat, which has nothing to do with skilling get skilling XP. Why, o why? Players were already battling Waterfiends, Dragons, Tormented Demons or whatever. Why? Because they got money off it, or maybe charms. And now? They get some nice shiny XP as well, for the sole reason to satisfy some Members who only care about XP and not how they get these. It's called a Distraction and Diversion. I ask you, what's distracting you here from grinding? You get the drop, you get some XP and its over. I'm normally not the one to complain about Skills getting easier, but I am honestly outraged at updates that give XP just for the sake of it. If Mining gets a bit easier because of the BA assault horn, who cares? It offers a new way of training and adds more variety. If Woddcutting gets a bit easiert because of the Sawmill addition, who cares? It offers a new way of training and adds more variety. Easier Skills aren't the problem, as long as new content gets added with it. But I am, honestly spoken, outraged at something like the Effigies, which don't add any content at all but just offer free XP. And to make it even worse, to players who DON'T even deserve it! I DO NOT DESERVE skilling xp for killing monsters! :angry: Shattered heart is almost the same, however, there is at least the goal of the statue, apart from that it's impractical because of two reasons: 1.A lot of the methods which yield Stones are actually the ones giving lower xp than others. 2.You need to get stones in all skills before you can get new stones again. So shattered heart isn't that bad. But Effigies...tbh, I hate them, and I hate it that there are so many players who like them, just because they can't be bothered to train skills the normal way. I hate this kind of attitude where it's only about the levels and not HOW you get there. I don't want a 99 without any work - but sadly, there are a lot of others who do. I personally find this pathetic. Regarding the Quest Article: Interesting view, and although I don't find "grinding" that bad, there's one point I wholeheartedly agree with - What the hell is wrong with quest requirements? On the forums I often see a lot of players complaining about too low requirements, and I wonder...who cares? I want to do a quest because I like quests and not because I want to feel great just because I have some stupid level requirement. As a restriction for quests which give good rewards, OK. But apart from that- Why?
  3. The only skills I could see a raise to 120 are hitpoints(this may be actually a not so bad idea) and maybe smithing(if they [bleep] up the smithing rework) It wouldn't be a good solution for smithing, and regarding hitpoints...It isn't really the solution for higher-hitting weapons either, as most wont get far past 99...and 2 hp really don't make a big difference here. so: imo, even the most plausible skills wouldnt be so wise for rising the cap. Don't think that it's likely
  4. Bedman, I thought that was the ultimate purpose of merchant clans? That way, any junk that people end up with from missing a dump can be sold with anti-junk. Well, personally a friend of mine showed me the tree, shooting star and penguins as d&ds first. So I think I had that connection in mind and did skip that page too fast. And I don't really think it's the assignment of the editor to check every statement, it's more like looking out for typos or unclear sentence structure, that kind of thing. Blame me, not Racheya :oops: And about the Court Cases: Yeah, you're right, they plan to release another batch of them. However, when I wrote that article, the Development Diary wasn't out yet. Apart from that, they didn't choose the best way to go. A lot of people haven't liked the first court summons, so many won't even bother with going there. The should've offered a smaller tutorial, and one real court session to perform immediately. And that should be a good one, as all the others should be. The system of the game isn't that difficult, especially since everyone has already gone through King's ransom, so they shouldn't bother with easy cases like this and rather make fewer but better ones.
  5. I've heard that several times now, but I haven't seen any quote from a Jmod or other evidence. Would you know where to find that by any chance? And, in case it's true, that's very sad. If they really don't want to make it perm at first, then it should be a year for the first offence and perm for the second...
  6. The problem is, the newer D&Ds are neither quaint nor fun or lack good xp. I never said xp should be over the top(that's also why I am regarding Shattered heart and Ancient effigies rather critical) but what's the point of it being restricted if it's actually less xp than just training the skill like normal? On the other hand, I don't know anyone who thinks Familiarisation is fun, and most find Court cases also rather disppointing. As said, D&Ds in itself aren't bad, I think it's the focus to make a D&D for every skill, and preferably fast, which leads to updates like Familiarisation My bad, you are right :oops: I did skip that page too fast...
  7. Really? It's not as if it's a surprise. Have you ever heard of a service giving a 7-day free trial that requires a credit card and doesn't auto-renew? It's not exactly fine print either. It's right at the top of the page. It's obvious that the information for cancelling must be somewhere lol. They have to inform about it, and Jagex surely isn't the type to base money gain on deceiving people. Still, I don't like it. And it would be completely logical to me to require a credit card for verification only. I don't see why not. Just because other games do so, it doesn't mean jagex has to do the same thing.
  8. Excellent articles this week. The fictional was short, but good, as it's coming from a rather unexpected point of view. The article about fun in Runescape showed what this MMORPG really should be like. Unfortunately for me, I wouldn't think I have friends with whom I could do something like this. I'm not the most socializing type, and even if I do add someone to my friends list, conversation often dies quickly. The update to name changing gave the last push, and atm I'm stuck with two friends I chat with - one of them a rl one. Well, after I get 99 thieving I'll attempt to DIY for some time, I think that will be fun. We'll see. And regarding the first article, I must say I'm rather shocked. I believed that the credit card was only for verification so no one could get multiple free memberships on different accounts - to prevent botters and rwters. I find it appaling that this system automatically signs you up as a member if you don't cancel it. My personal theory is that Jagex is trying to make up lost money from Mechscape. I've seen several occasions for new attempts to get more money - the lobby, the price draws, the "summoning" pets as easter reward, now this free trial, also the advert for the kingdom keeper books/game and banning game adverts from supported fansites. What really makes me angry is that we don't get an official statement for it - this may be obvious as we only get to talk to CM mods and these don't have the admission to give an honest answer to the question (more than: "We are a company, we need to make money") In my eyes, this is probably the most worrisome development in Jagex's behaviour for the last months.
  9. just finished his first try at a guest article!

  10. Considering the inflation, you are definitely right. Items going up in prices was only due to panicking, and they are already going down again. 45m for the whole game is not much. 45m for a player, however is a lot, and considering how unfairly it was gained and how easily it could have be prevented...it saddens me, and also makes me a bit angry.
  11. While I am really opposed to the Climbing Boots update, and especially to the way Jagex handled it, the fear of inflation is ridiculous. Not only that Jagex does know how much money enters the game(8 to 10 times the cb money every day, according to mod emilee), there weren't so many players who had that many boots. Every, Every picture of more than 2k climbing boots I've seen(and I have seen rather a lot of them) was faked. The speculation about inflation caused more harm than the actual inflation did, because players bought items in panic of their gp devaluing. With the last Grand Exchange update, dragon bones(one of the items a lot of players would buy if they had a lot of spare money) went down. I think talking about inflation with this update takes away the focus from other, more important points like the needless favoring of some players.
  12. I believe all familiars last exactly three times as long as stated in the runescape KB. it fits with all collected date so far. Confirmed times so far: Brah skinweaver(6) - 30 minutes Brave skinweaver(5) - 30 minutes Sachem Stormbringer(10) - 45 Minutes Naabe Worldbearer(7) - 60 minutes sachem worldbearer(10) - 60 minutes Keen worldbearer(4) - 60 minutes Brave woldbearer(5) - 60 minutes brah worldbearer(6) - 60 minutes naabe worldbearer(7) - 60 minutes adept worldbearer(9) -60 minutes little worldbearer(2) - 60 minutes sachem bloodrager(10) - 45 minutes cub stormbringer(1) - 45 minutes adept hoardstalker(9) - 60 minutes adept deathslinger(9) - 45 minutes
  13. btw, the lowest possible score is 286, that's if you get 3 extra resources every turn(takes 6 turns) 387 is the score with 2* extra resources if you know what you're doing. anyone lower than that got 3 extra resources in 7 turns or got three extra resources at the first two rounds. o.O [hide][/hide] that's mine.. EDIT: thanks lowc15 ;)
  14. Wouldn't it be wise to include in the guide of Troll strongholf freeing eadgar too? This way you don't have to run up that mountain to start eadgars ruse...
  15. I got a statement from mod fetzki that there are no dragon weapons currently planned, how can that be wrong? You can check it yourself, the forum thread with the content Q&A is still there... EDIT: ok, I just checked the rswiki and see which posts you are referring to. However, with the dragon xbow, Mod mark said "not until we have balanced the combat triangle" Also, keep in mind that the Q&A I'm referring to is more recent, maybe they changed plans. I don't think they'll never release them, but I think "under development" is too much for the moment. It implicates that will be added soon, no more than half a year for a weapon I'd say, and I don't think that will be the case...
  16. I heard this rumour more often, and obviously people can't read. I must say that I am shocked that such a huge content error could occur in a tip.it times article. I've always liked stormrage's articles, and I don't know where he got this from, but it's unfortunately completely untrue. Let me quote from the recent content Q&A: for some reason I can't find the crossbow statement again, but it was something along the lines of the warhammer statement. Actually, the first quote says all. Please, edit this quickly!! EDIT:Oh, and btw....the first statement is from Mod fetzki...if that guy doesn't talk his way around a question and clearly states something, it MUST be true...^^
  17. Both hits needn't be over 16. If one is 1-4 damage, its clearly the melee one. So, a screenshot of a 2-18 would be sufficient too, for example.
  18. another thing you could add is to use the prayer delay to partially avoid the drain. if the prayer points reach 0, the prayer is still active for 2 or 3 seconds. This time is sufficient for drinking a prayer dose without the prayer deactivating. this is useful as prayer points, obviously, cannot be drained further than zero. so, if you would get drained more prayer points than you have, you partially avoid the drain. let's say, you have 4 ppoints and would get drained 12. but you have only 4, so you're saving 8 prayer points without any drawbacks. only negative thing about this is that you may mess it up and let the prayer deactivate. this is especially bad at ahrim, as he will lower your strength, and dharok when he is red-barred. in that cases, I would rather not use that method.
  19. I recently got the coordinate (3°45' north, 22°45' east(bedabin camp). In the treasure trail guide, it says that tourist trap is needed, this is not correct, I haven't done this queast and I was able to finish that clue.
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