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  1. Good job HP nice to see you guys back around nice try lgz had a bit of number difference
  2. didnt know they were still open
  3. Well when DF won't fight us anywhere but CWA it is a bit larger than most other CWA fights :)Maybe if you weren't so desperate for a fight cuz you're still butthurt over the jcup and this loss maybe they will accept one. You have ask for a PvP fight in all of your posts on RSC, I think they get the point. PvP doesn't prove anything but who has higher opts of the end of a cap. Cwa is where you find out who has better organization and numbers mean nothing. Though since you can't compete with organization you want to take it to PvP where you go and outpull them and win by numbers. Grow up already and get over a stupid loss/draw w/e. Im Radicafire and I approve of this message :thumbup:
  4. Personally i Dont think that a clan needs to pvp to be good, I associate the wilderness with a lot of flaming and crashing. Now i know thats not always the case, but a lot of time it is. Plus in pvp the way you win a pkri is having the most ppl at the end. So even if your clan outperformed the other clan the whole war, they win because they have like 9 more opts. Main reason i like clan war its organized better, theres much less flaming and zero crashing.
  5. Well when DF won't fight us anywhere but CWA it is a bit larger than most other CWA fights :) Hi, i'm sure that we would set up a pvp with you guys sometime if you didn't beg for it or try to scare us/pressure us into it like this? --> http://forum.tip.it/topic/271367-the-gladiatorz-declare-on-downfall-not-for-twr-just-a-public-declaration/ <--- Things like this doesn't get our attention for a pvp fight. Alas i am not an official to make wars so i can't really speak fully but, knowing the ones who can get wars. They will think and feel the same.
  6. The world was extremely laggy for both clans, in a CWRI generally when a fight is within 3 kills clans call it a draw because [cabbage] happens like DC's and what not. This world caused at least 20+ DC's from our side and probably them as well so yeah. It's a draw, now am I clear?it also is possible that their last player simply tanked you and your guy got k0ed by downfall in the last second,downfall won, am i clear?No, you're obviously not clear. It was a draw at best -- anything other than that can't be proved lol. Oh wait, you're resilience no wonder you have no brains. Are we really gonna get this heated over 1 measly war? Both clans had dcs, the war is over, one clan got the victory banner, the other got the defeat. No clan got a draw banner, its done and over with lets move on with our lives... Never knew this much drama could come from a simple fight..
  7. hmm Ive always thought that RA or Radicafires Armada would be a good name for the clan im in.
  8. well said :thumbup: personally i wasnt there so i have nothing to say about how the war went but looks like the dcs played a huge role in this hope to see a rm sometime soon good job DF sounds like you stepped it up in the end there nice try gladz
  9. Team Dan can't compete. Didnt Team Amanda get k0ed ?
  10. was a good fun war overall despite a bit of flaming from the other side i thuoght that was a bit unsportsmanlike but we decided to let it slide i epically tribrided and even fought til the time when i was struck down TEAM DAN UNDEFEATED
  11. Only because cloudo fails and is an awful pmod LOLOL OT: Good job guys was out so i couldnt make it but i guess i wasnt needed
  12. I dropped becuase i knew i was gonna dc about 20 mins into the war sadly it took 22 mins to finish the war but still was helpin out in the cc Great job girls and guys we rocked [email protected] :D @rhys whose flaming here? i havent seen any flames kthx
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