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  1. StrBabi21

    CR vs TMC

    Nice CR :thumbsup:
  2. Boy are you okay? OT: Congratz Collegendz.
  3. Gratz Collegendz. Downfall, ya'll did great. :thumbup:
  4. Na idiot :rolleyes: all mine baby In your dreams metallic :rolleyes: so you new we were made for each other too, 3rd times the charm It's not a charm today pumkin. I'm sorry, he's taken. <3: :-D OT: Gratz CR.
  5. Supported :thumbsup: Came to watch, ya'll did great. DF had some nice tanks. :o Keep it up.`
  6. Nice pull EXO & CR... I stayed for the first couple of hours.. the beginning was really interesting lol. Gratz EXO. CR, shake it off.. Keep yur heads high. * <3:
  7. I'd find them to be fishy, and probably wouldn't trust a word they'd say. Yes I'm speaking from personaly experience. agreed.. :blink:
  8. Welcome & Goodluck with everything (:
  9. Hawt pull TK, Df next? :o Goodluck if both clans accept ^^ I'd love to come watch :D
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