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  1. here, a link to that thing i've been working on for ages and procrastinate on so much. please give criticism, it's very helpful =D Clicky to go to the thread!
  2. working on a fangame, currently in alpha v2.5.1 i know that i can't link things though, but the game is called I wanna be PHAT! for those that care to look it up. yes, it's an IWBTG fangame, and it's my first try at making a game.
  3. What will happen to items only obtainable through PvP, like brawling gloves? Will having friends add any additional bonus to free trade, like with trade limits, or will they be removed?
  4. This should be Naff, the small boy. He sells the battlestaves now, not Zaff. You might want to tell Lunar magic users this. Might be helpful. Also, i would think it to be better if you switched the first two steps, because if you set a time for yourself to do this guide, you can complete it faster if running to the Trollheim patch is at the start of the guide. What i mean is that you can finish it faster because running to the Trollheim patch won't factor into shop reset times if you have a set time to do this guide daily.
  5. you can also use a juju farming potion and get additional herbs. then you can skip past those parts and jump into the other stuff. also, add in the farming patch at herblore habitat for papayas.
  6. i guess you could add that to the culinomancer's chest run, along with willow branches (if you have them) outside of lumbridge.
  7. alright guys, i'm done with WGS now, so thanks for the help!
  8. you might not unless you're on w83 most of the time :'( i've decided what i want to do, and that's make prayer potions. 1334 of them to be exact haha.
  9. :thumbsup: it's great to know i have so many options that i can do! i probably will farm, because i always do, and the tip about mature greenman's ale is especially helpful. changes the total exp i need from 200k to 120k. if you have any other tips, i'll be happy to take them into account.
  10. so i guess i'll just spend some penguin points on it and clean some herbs, because i'll get some profit that way =)
  11. money loss is not an issue, but if i can save money, i will. plus, i want 99 farming eventually =P i can take as long as i want, i just need it for While Guthix Sleeps. and Toad, i think that'll help me very much =) i actually found a nice link that'll help me out instead of doing all those calculations one by one.
  12. yeah, i looked at the tip.it herblore calculator and i kinda freaked out. i wasn't sure what to do and all of them are kinda intimidating. i need 220k exp total, can anyone help me out? EDIT: since someone down below was nice enough to tell me that i can use a greenman's ale to boost up, i only need 120k xp to get to 63 herblore. FINAL EDIT: i'm done with WGS now and i don't need any more help. thanks though!
  13. if you really want to get magic fast, i'd suggest Hunter Kit or High Alchemy if you don't want to lose as much money. ofc if you fletch and then alch, that's probably the best way to go.
  14. i'm only 3:00~ in and i've gotten 59->70 construction and 67->70 farming... 86->87 firemaking, but i'm gonna hope to at least get to level 90 before the weekend is over.
  15. tree/fruit tree run (232k xp pl0x) 3.3k oak planks to ~70 construction 99 firemaking (lol, the boredom is intimidating and i probably won't go all the way) when it hits 1.1x use up most of my charms and go dungeoneering
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