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  1. gonna agree with him on this one. if i had the choice of going out with my friends or having to be anywhere but home or play rs, i'd choose the former. rs is just to kill time.
  2. Okay, so Hedge made me, because I have the most fabulous taste in music the world has ever known. ;) Being an orch dork, I was going to do one with classical music as well, but I don't know where to start. (like, if it were to be by pieces or suites or i don't know.) 1. Minus The Bear - Planet of Ice I find one's favourite album something really hard to come up with, yet it's really easy. You have to know your stuff about the music you like, you know? You have to had listened to all kinds of bands and their albums and after years and years, you can at any moment tell someone what your absolute favourite album is. But of course, our favourites always change from time to time. The reason Minus The Bear's Planet of Ice got to my number one is because of their style. Their style of music is fantastic, and I can listen to the entire album through over and over and appreciate their music more and more. They're really a wonderful band, I guess. Oh, and their genre's Indie/Alternative. Yeah. 2. Dance Gavin Dance - Downtown Battle Mountain I'm a really big Dance Gavin Dance fan. Like, I've known them for so many years. This is just their like, supreme album. I think they were definitely at their zenith when they made this album. It really doesn't get old. 3. The Fall of Troy - Doppelganger The Fall of Troy is an amazing band, really. It kind of saddens me that they broke up. I'm sorry, it's hard for me to explain why I love certain kinds of music, so. 4. Circa Survive - On Letting Go hah, my girlfriend painted this album cover. she hangs the painting from her door. it's great. 5. Dance Gavin Dance - Self Titled ***NOTE: This is still in progress; I need to add the next 7 albums and some descriptions, but I'm falling short of time.
  3. tip.it is a girl? an old woman, rather? ._.
  4. It's not even theft. Tell that to copyright laws. Your logic implies that things like plagiarism aren't theft either, yet they are. all the people who say it's theft actually buy their music! HAH. BUYING MUSIC. THE THOUGHT. in plain terms, they're just being butthurt and should chill.
  5. Alright, so. Does anyone want to battle on Heart Gold/Soul Silver/Diamond/Pearl/Platinum?
  6. So, for those of us who are too poor to buy Black or White or just feel like battling on hg/ss/d/p/pt. .. yeah. WIFI TIME. :3 my code's 0647 1093 1774. knock yourselves out.
  7. Pirates hook, eye patch & the pirates hat ;) I can see it from here I know, I got the random right. :P
  8. Finally got 25M to start chinning to 99. Got 88 Ranged, 79 Constitution, and 1k Total a few minutes ago. 99, here I come, I guess.
  9. Seeing as I have 25M and all of it will cost me 29M with the red chinchompas, I want to go with the greys. It will probably cost me 20M maximum, leaving me with some money left over, which is better than 29M and leaving me with no money left. So greys it is.
  10. So, in other words, 21.5M + 300 or so ranging potions + 1k prayer potions will be the cost?
  11. Alright, good to know. :3 Thanks. o: and if anyone else has any statistics and calculators to see how many potions and chins i'll need, that would be much appreciated. :grin:
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