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  1. if u do frankenstrains creature the monsters down in the cave there just like rock crabs
  2. and things do get easier in rs becuase of new weapons,armour, different ways of something and fighting thing will be easy like the day wen lvl 50s can kill the kbd solo (itll be a long time tho)
  3. jagex will expiriment with something pple will agree pple wont agree and foofoomagoos right you freak out just becuase they got it during xp bonus weekend you still have the bragging rights that u got it the hard way (if u wanna get all technical)
  4. jjuusstin jagex will make things that not everyone agrees on and ya if jagex made bonus zp more frequent it would make the prices freak out like a an adhd kid on steroids but this is the first time jagex is even trying bonus xp and the price going up is good for some pple cuz then they can actually get money but then all the prices r gunna drop like a bomb then itll eventually level out again
  5. o and have u guys heard that next weekend mems get double xp :thumbsup: ive been think on training summoning that weekend but wat else should i train?
  6. ive been fighting cockatrices for slayer and they drop alot of limpwurt would limpwurt be a good item to keep?
  7. whats sa good monster to slay?
  8. i dont really want to wc anymore since ive been doing it for awile <_< but i might go beat swan song and fish monks
  9. o i thought i put this on advice but ive been trying to look at stuff but theres so many to choose from and i want the one that pays top dollar
  10. ok today i was doing monkey madness then i tried helping my friend and ending up dying cuz the guards blocked me from getting out :evil: all i have is a rune body dragon skirt and a d longsword my skills r 65 att str def range 62 mage 43 prayer 46 rc 46 agility 31 herblore 45 theiving 48 crafting 67 fletching 40 slayer 42 hunter 37 farming 61 fishing and 80 woodcutting
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