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  1. Why couldn't they just use your personal slot in the dungeoneering tab as a 'view key inventory' thing? All it says when you click on it at the moment is 'look in your own inventory'.
  2. £200 is 1060 SoF spins - (14 of the 75 spin packages (@13.99) and a 10 spin package (@3.50)......you even have 64p left over!!!) EDIT: I saw somewhere else that it may actually be $200 a day (750 spins)
  3. Hey, I was just looking through my junk folder and noticed an email from ''[email protected]'', and tested the link (which went to a similar to RS site with two different letters). It's quite clear that it wasn't from Jagex, so why does the email host (Hotmail in this case) say that the email is from them? Surely instigating something preventing this would be of high priority in the current spam/phishing climate
  4. Runecrafting, but only if he started it soon. And farming potentially, but unlikely unless he focused farming training (tree runs+cave crawlers anyone?)
  5. Lolwat, the netherlands has more maxed accounts then Canada? There are 898 Maxed players atm, and in that pic there are only 179 maxed players. You cannot really know which country has the most maxed players, unless every maxed player votes. OR unless half+1 maxed players vote for the same country :P OR the number of max players voting for the country must be more than the second most voted for country+remaining votes............
  6. In w148 you're looking at 1.5m-2.5m a floor per leech, so once you can key sub 40 floors with a leech that becomes good money. Once you get to a high standard at keying leech floors you can join a cc and make 4m+ per leech per floor
  7. I made 4-6m an hour doing leech floors. With 99 dg (which is very fast in the grand scheme of things) making 2m+ an hour is easy on w148, and if you get a good trio team together you can make more
  8. I spent way too much time playing over the last couple of years so I ended up quitting this summer. I think the key for me was finding another game I enjoyed more, and could play less (Starcraft). Runescape is a (realistically) never ending game which meant even if I accomplished my goals there would be something more to strive for, and I got extremely bored of everything but Dungeoneering. Once I got 120 it meant I could continue dungeoneering but it wouldn't contribute towards maxing, or I could train other skills, which for me was a waste of time. Ironically if it wasn't for dungeoneering I probably wouldn't have had this realisation and would still be playing
  9. What were you training with/where were you training? I went 89-96 in just over 5 hours (mostly with extremes and juju pots though) in lumbridge cellar. Wasn't actually expecting 96 though, just kinda stretched to it
  10. Sneaky mention of bxp weekend :P Slayer dungeon and the tower sound interesting, the tower at least looks like it's due in September, and the rest should be within the next 3 months
  11. Not hard since the max xp rate is 675k (would be "infinite" if he was doing it while wcing). I'm pretty sure that the 'infinite' fletching rate whilst wcing can't be interpreted like that
  12. I seem to remember opening up a mining room door (the one that's shaped like a cross with minable rocks blocking the way and constructable struts to hold back the falling rocks) and getting the boss, so that's a disprove. Hmm, maybe they didn't (forgot to) add a code to suppress boss rooms after that specific puzzle room. Either that or the chance of a puzzle/skill room leading to a boss is much lower than a gd/key door
  13. Efficient dungeoneering doesn't mean completing the map, or getting the maximum amount of xp from a map, it means aiming for the best experience per hour (or minute, or any tiime unit). Sometimes a room like a merc/ramo/ghosts will appear towards the end of the map, which only contains a small branch, and would take the majority of the team to complete, risking deaths and taking a non-negligible amount of time. For the best experience rates these rooms would normally be left. If you come across the room earlier in the dungeon but it only leads to a dead end some keyers would try and get it done asap during idle time, and others would wait and see if it's needed (at the risk of it being on the critical path) so as not to waste unneccessary time. Getting 5+ deaths when you're aiming for xp on the otherhand isn't great. Alot of that can be combated by experience and knowledge of combat mechanics, although some bosses can be life leechers (gulega, trio, geo etc)
  14. I'd advise practicing a few dungeons following dgs' guidelines outside of dgs before using the cc. First impressions in dungeons are very important and being forced to change virtually everything round instantly sounds like a recipe for disaster [minus the useful gloves]
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