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  1. Found another shortly after. Chaos Tunnels room 43 with the mummies.
  2. Inside Dorgesh-Kaan, there is a location that can be found in the middle of the bank. Below is an image of the arrow points at it when scanned.
  3. Lol yes you do. :P It's all good though.

  4. I've been good. I look like such a stalker on your profile. D:

  5. Probably can word it as: "If not killed fast enough, they will summon a Death spawn to aid them."
  6. How have you been? :P

  7. Oh hi there Serpent. <3

  8. I do happen to agree with you there. But that's not that case with this matter because I need the money. My argument wins.

  9. That is simply unacceptable. I must humbly request that you quit your job and dedicate more time to these Tip.It Forums. Thank you for your understanding.

  10. My stalking has become a halting matter due to school and work. ;P

  11. Your stalking skills are on the decline.

  12. Name: Catspeak amulet (e) Image: Proof: Member: Yes Unlocked by Quest: Yes Tradeable: No Stackable: No Examine: It's an amulet of cat speak. It makes vague purring noises. Proof: Weight: 0kg Category: Equipable Sub-category: Neck High alch: 0 gp Low alch: 0 gp Location: You obtain this during a Tail of Two Cats from Hild. Uses: Worn to talk to your cats and kittens. Has an ability to locate Bob the JaGex Cat. Notes: If you lose this amulet, you can obtain it again by talking to the Sphinx in Sophanem and having Hild enchant it for 5 death runes. You can only obtain this item during/after Tail of Two Cats quest. Stats: 0 for all.
  13. The reason people use the titan is to gain that invisible mining boost, which makes you mine a little faster, and increases your experience gain per hour. I personally would use the Yak/tortoise because of the amount of ore I can get per load.
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