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  1. Found another shortly after. Chaos Tunnels room 43 with the mummies.
  2. Inside Dorgesh-Kaan, there is a location that can be found in the middle of the bank. Below is an image of the arrow points at it when scanned.
  3. Lol yes you do. :P It's all good though.

  4. Probably can word it as: "If not killed fast enough, they will summon a Death spawn to aid them."
  5. How have you been? :P

  6. Oh hi there Serpent. <3

  7. I do happen to agree with you there. But that's not that case with this matter because I need the money. My argument wins.

  8. My stalking has become a halting matter due to school and work. ;P

  9. Name: Catspeak amulet (e) Image: Proof: Member: Yes Unlocked by Quest: Yes Tradeable: No Stackable: No Examine: It's an amulet of cat speak. It makes vague purring noises. Proof: Weight: 0kg Category: Equipable Sub-category: Neck High alch: 0 gp Low alch: 0 gp Location: You obtain this during a Tail of Two Cats from Hild. Uses: Worn to talk to your cats and kittens. Has an ability to locate Bob the JaGex Cat. Notes: If you lose this amulet, you can obtain it again by talking to the Sphinx in Sophanem and having Hild enchant it for 5 death runes. You can only obtain this item during/after Tail of Two Cats quest. Stats: 0 for all.
  10. The reason people use the titan is to gain that invisible mining boost, which makes you mine a little faster, and increases your experience gain per hour. I personally would use the Yak/tortoise because of the amount of ore I can get per load.
  11. It's the same experience as the genie lamp.
  12. Just got another stalker. I'm sorry. ;P

  13. Ring of kinship takes a much longer time to teleport versus the glory/ring of dueling method. If you don't care for speed and want less spending, use the Ring of kinship.
  14. I hope it's not a problem. Because I wouldn't care otherwise. :D I'll do it anyways.

  15. Because it's fun. Stalking is my hobby, I guess. :3

  16. Probably not this time. I have Farming, Hunter, and Summoning planned out this time. I'll probably go when I have the x1.1 anyways for fun. At least when I'm off work lol.

  17. Haha, random much? Didn't expect to see you on here.

  18. #3121 #3545 #1077 #4531 #3061 #7087 #3386 #2666 #3128 #3419 #2045 #6412 #6410 #1694 #6946 #5473 #6771 #1667 #1514 #1637 #2746 #5416 #3380 #1604 #5381 #6425 #8505
  19. I wouldn't think it is Kirby. Rune crossbow is still better for that option.
  20. I took the liberty in comparing both the Chaotic and the Rune crossbow (most common one I've seen at least). The only difference in the Chaotic would be the +30 more Ranged attack bonus. Figuratively speaking though, the rune crossbow is still the best one to use due to the fact you don't have to keep recharging it with money or tokens (which either lowers your cash pile or uses time to get tokens. If you are lucky, however, you could possibly get drops that give a nice cash amount and you can just easily go recharge it whenever you need to. If you have the cash to constantly repair it when needed it would be a good item to get especially since it's your third.
  21. If you're looking for SOME payback from alching, I would do bows. If you're going for speed, do something like needles or something that stacks and costs cheap in a store.
  22. It would be VERY hard to determine who and how many of the mods would be accepted into doing this. I know that being a mod already shows that you have some trustworthiness in your, but as Kimberley said, there are many bad apples that turn up that are given the power to mute. I like the idea of this, but I honestly don't see it happening because it's hard to judge who is REALLY trustworthy to do it.
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