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  1. IRC: #RSD @ SwiftIRC Clan Chat: RSDchat Runescape Dinasty -vs- The Titans Date: 10/02/2011 Rules: uncapped pkri Starting: Runescape Dinasty: 240~( 80~ on ts) The Titans: 180 ( 60~ on ts) Summary: Hearing that The Titans were out pking early this afternoon ontop of a couple other clans could possibly be out we set out on an adventure in the wilderness. After a bit of massing we set off to go after Titans, it was a great test of our f2p single pking skills. It didn't take too long before the fight moved to multi and as soon as that happened the game plan of a victory was in full swing. The fight was pretty short, only lasting a little over an hour and throughout we were chasing piles and giving a good chase on Titans pile. The momentum we had going amongst our numbers growing on teamspeak/on the battlefield I wasn't looking back, especially after knowing how much this fight we've been looking for meant to the members. We all know you did not have to fight back today, but we are grateful you did so thank you for that Titans. Ending: Runescape Dinasty:# 261 (94 on ts) The Titans:# 0 (60~ on ts; ty Kebabz) Screenshots Huge thanks to Divine Forces to be willing to AC
  2. IRC: #RSD @ SwiftIRC Clan Chat: RSDchat Runescape Dinasty -vs- The Titans Earlier today we set up a fight with Titans. When mass time rolled around, every single member of our clan was amped. With our previous two fights against TT running on high emotions, we knew what we had to do tonight. Date: Sept 18, 2011 Rules: Tonight - 18th September 20112.5 hour capped pkri20 sniper capSTOP TO CLEAR CRASHERSNo wearing each others capes9:30 GMT | 4:30 EST Start12 GMT | 7 EST EndSpiders - GDSStarting: Runescape Dinasty: 216 opts The Titans: ~216 Summary: We showed up ready to throw down with TT. The fight started off at a fast pace for both clans. After a string of KO's in favor of RSD, we started to take the lead. Snipers locked down The Titans pile within 15 minutes of the fight starting. Both of our TS channels were absolutely electric. With about 45 minutes left of fighting our main pile started to loose a bit of strength. Mattalphonse along with a couple of other Pk Leaders turned it around quickly with some great calling coupled with spot on binds. Thanks for the clean and respectable fight Titans. Looking forward to the next one ;-) Ending: Runescape Dinasty: 279 (98 on ts) The Titans: ~250 Great job stepping up to the plate tonight legends. Love you all <3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrelPOP518g&feature=related
  3. IRC: #RSD @ SwiftIRC Clan Chat: RSDchat Runescape Dinasty -vs- Echo Of Silence Date: Thursday 15th September Oli approached us for a short cap fight today and with no other prospects of fights from alternative clans we accepted pretty quickly. We waited for EoS to finish their AC trip and setup on W61. Happy Birthday to our awesome Co-Leader Mattalphonse <33 Happy 43rd birthday mate xo Summary: RSD Starting: 198 Options Echo Of Silence Starting: 150 Options ish? We rushed EoS to start the fight and although getting a pretty bad pile off at the start due to some pretty bad lag/loading screens we immediately started to do work on their pile. With our obvious number advantage it showed as we started transitioning through them, doubling their K/D for the majority of the fight. A few crashing teams/clans decided to make an appearance to snipe both us and EoS but after a short break clearing them we continued the fight and they didn't seem to make any impact on the second part of the fight thankfully. EoS had some very strong points as they made swift work of the small sniper cap and managed to compete with us for the majority of the fight however our numbers and organisations came out trumps in the end as we managed to push EoS into regrouping numerous times within the last 30-40 minutes, eventually ending with 240 options to EoS' 186. Thanks a lot for the fight once again EoS, other clans could learn a lot from you. RSD Ending: 240 Options (76 on ts) Echo Of Silence Ending: 190 Options Screenshots:
  4. IRC: #RSD @ SwiftIRC Clan Chat: RSDchat Runescape Dinasty -vs- AP + FOP Earlier today we got word that a couple of polish clans were out taking a tour of the wilderness so we mustered up 32 soldiers and headed out. The fight with AP + FOP lasted about 20 minutes. Thanks for standing your ground and fighting back, you gained our respect :thumbsup:. RSD Starting: AP + FOP Starting: 123 options (confirmed) RSD Ending: 150 options AP + FOP Ending: 0 (Logged/ended) Runescape Dinasty -vs- Divine Forces As we finished fighting Poland , we heard that DF clan was massing. We waited around for awhile and hit them once they stepped into the wilderness. We initially sent 10 snipers to keep DF occupied while our Pk Leaders and members ran train on their pile. After a few minutes of fighting, DF decided to log out. We continued to PK and ran into them on a different world. 14 minutes later, they decided to call it a night. Thanks for stepping up to us and not worrying about the numbers on either side of the fight. Cheers for the fight guys :thumbsup:. RSD Starting: 175 options DF Starting: No idea RSD Ending: DF Ending: 0 (Ended) Good leading today trials!
  5. Runescape Dinasty, We Love Trees After having already ended from beating IF in P2P we got word DF was massing for a F2P Peekay. We mustered our troops at the tree north of mossies and proceeded to hop to W20 where we rushed DF and the fight began. I missed the first few minutes but it was obvious the fight was in our advantage from the get go as we jumped #'s on TS instantly once people found out DF was actually fighting back. Unfortunately DF had a poor pull(43ish) and wasn't able to spare more than a few snipers which were handled by Smoke and Jaybird with ease. The fight was fairly easy as our snipers forced DF to run around the wilderness constantly. It seemed everytime DF went near any tree it caused them to breakdown and move locations again. The fight went on for about 30-40 minutes and it was just RSD feasting on KDR. Snipers wrecked anyone brave enough to throw a bind and mainpile ran the train on Divine forces Clan. RSD Starting: 100 ish DF Starting: 120+ RSD Ending: 210+ (75 on ts) DF Ending: 0 (55 ish on TS) Thanks for fighting back this time, almost as fun as the single adventures we've had this past week. Good Job Legends of RSD!
  6. IRC: #RSD @ SwiftIRC Clan Chat: RSDchat Runescape Dinasty -Vs- Infliction After our J-Cup fight Daniel156 made a p2p pk trip and we went out with 10 people. On our first world we ran into IF who were at gap and fought back for a few minutes. I got in contact with one of their officials and agreed to hop worlds and restart at Gdz with only 2 rules: Single Spells Uncapped RSD Starting: 15 People Infliction Starting: 22 People Once IFset up at Greater Demons we went in and rushed them. At first IF had the upper hand over us as they outnumbered us. 60 minutes into the fight both sides were gaining and Rsd was getting the upperhand. If then moved to East tree where the fight continued for another 30 minutes before IFcalling it off leaving Rsd Victorious. RSD Ending: 129 Options IF Ending:0 (Logged Out) Aside from the worlds being laggy and at times hard to log in, it was really fun. Thanks for the fight Infliction! Screenshots: World Lagg
  7. IRC: #RSD @ SwiftIRC Clan Chat: RSDchat Runescape Dinasty -vs- Cheer Up Earlier this week had a chat with Eomeri to set up the 115+ combat subdivision semi final match and the below rules were established after a little dispute. Date: August 28, 2011 Rules: 2 EST startFree to playAll StylesNorth AttacksCorrupt Armour OFFDungeoneering Items OFFClassic / Center bounds (no trees) Starting: Runescape Dinasty: 88 Cheer Up : 70 Ending: Runescape Dinasty: 54 Cheer Up : 0 Thanks for the fight, Cheer Up. 2for2 this weekend. :wub:
  8. IRC: #RSD @ SwiftIRC Clan Chat: RSDchat Runescape Dinasty -vs- Divine Forces Date: Sunday 21st August Rules: Defualt Jcup Rules Apart From: All Styles DG Off Sunday 5 EST Summary: RSD Starting: 100 People Divine Forces Starting: 95 People The start of the fight was pretty high paced, both clans were one hitting everything with over 80 people so it was fairly neck and neck for the first few minutes with our kill differences varying between both clans. We had a great start whilst DF picked it up a bit after around 5 kills. Both clans had their ups and downs but in the end our organisation and tanking pulled us ahead by around 10 people at the 80 person mark and from this point onwards DF were on the back foot trying to recover an ever increasing deficit. Some great tanks, styles, organisation and leading put in the bag for us and we came out victorious with 55 people left on the battlefield. Thanks for the clean fight, definitely our most intense and challenging opponent in the Jagex Cup so far, best of luck next year :hi: . RSD Ending: 55 People Divine Forces Ending: 0 People Screenshots: :wub:
  9. Earlier today VR officials approached us for a fight and it caused a big buzz considering its been a while since they approached us for a fight. We accepted the capped fight rules even though we were looking for uncapped. We walked up with about 70 people and got a hold of vr with about 150+ opts ingame. After about a 10 minute wait we hit them north of gap and transitioned through a few of their hero snipers. VR ran to east tree then west tree when we got word their ts went down we stopped to let them regroup. They hopped off the first world. The fight restarted on a different world and went on for about 40 minutes max before VR logged out. We were all over them from start to finish. Not much else to say we'll just let the KDR speak for itself. <@Scottien> : RSD K: 148 D: 44 | VR K: 38 D:143 RSD Starting: 210+ VR Starting: 150+ (55 on ts) RSD Ending: 240+ VR Ending: 0 logged out Great Job RSD, Turnout and performance is what forced VR to end today nothing else. . Few pics for your enjoyment.
  10. Summary: After we ended from a previous pk we got word that TT was about to head out for a pk so we decided to mass a rush and get ourselves a fight. The fight was even up till the end where we had a much stronger main pile than TT and maintained our pressure on their pile. After about an hour of fighting TT logged out leaving us with the victory. [18:22] <@Bclay> RSD 139K 117D TT 113K 127D RSD Starting: 100+ (40 on TS) TT Starting: 120+ Ending: Runescape Dinasty:220+(73 on ts) The Titans:0 (53 on ts) Thanks for the Fight Titans and get good Bloodz2291.
  11. We had two scheduled first round fights for today. F2P Combat cup and 115+Sub division. Both fights went smoothly for us and RSD ended the day 2 for 2. Round 1 Combat cup: Runescape Dinasty VS The F2P Way @ 4 EST RSD Starting: 84 Legends FTW Starting: 64 future Legends RSD Ending: 81 Legends FTW Ending: 0 115+ Subdivision: Runscape Dinasty vs Wicked Fury @ 6 EST RSD Starting: 94 Legends WF Starting: 48 people RSD Ending: 80 Legends WF Ending: 0 Great job to every member that showed up today. Its good to be getting back into the Jagex cup atmosphere. Hopefully everyone had a good time even with a small waiting period in between the fights.
  12. IRC: #RSD @ SwiftIRC Clan Chat: RSDchat Runescape Dinasty -Vs- Corruption Earlier today Jay Jay approached me for a fight and I jubilantly accepted with the following rules: 5est Start 90 Min Cap No snipers Dung on Corr off Spiders-Gdz After Massing for 20 Minutes we walked up with 45 Legends and waited for Corr to sort themselves out and engage each other. RSD Starting: 135 Options (46 on ts) Corruption Starting: 129 Options (48 on ts) As Corr was walking up from Mossies they killed an Rsd member and the minute we saw Jay Jay we rushed him South of Spiders and the fight began. The fight went back and forth for about 45 minutes where both piles had strong Ko power and gaining numbers. After that we started pulling away slowly while gaining numbers at a greater rate then Corr. 35 mins later we had a strong 80 people on Teamspeak and transitioned left and right through Corr. 10 minutes later both sides took ending south of Spiders leaving Rsd victorious. Thanks for the fight Corruption :thumbsup: RSD Ending: 237 Options (81 on ts) Opposing Clan Ending: 177 Options (~65 on ts) K/D for those who care Screenshots: Thank you for the fight Corruption look forward to doing it again in the future!
  13. Runescape Dinasty Vs The Titans The Titans approached us tonight, asking for a short-prep (for RSD) fight with the following rules: Rules: 2 Hour cap 15 Sniper cap Spiders-GDs We massed up around 65 people and headed out to engage The Titans. RSD Starting: ~200 TT Starting: 210 The fight was fast paced as usual between our two clans. Hopefully we can fight again soon. RSD Ending: ~250 TT Ending: ~250 Since both the fight and the ending options were close, we'll gladly call it a draw. Thanks for the fight Titans.
  14. IRC: #RSD @ SwiftIRC Clan Chat: RSDchat Runescape Dinasty -vs- Divine Forces After hearing Corruption clan was out with 138 Opts Badger and I immediately massed up 20 Legends and walked up to hit them. After a few unsuccessful worlds we heard Df was out with 60 on Ts and we quickly hopped over and hit them. RSD Starting: 75 Opts DF Starting: 120 Opts (60 on ts) The fight Started out at Vents with us rushing Df. The minute both piles collided Rsd took the upper hand and never looked back. We were chasing Df regroups from East Tree - Gdz - Gap and all the way to Spiders. Binds were on lock and we were 1 hitting every Df member in our way. 45 minutes later Df calls off returning and goes back to cut wood at their Citadel. RSD Ending: 219 Options (72 on ts) DF Ending: 0 Ended their Peekay Great job to everyone who was there on a 15 min mass. Keep it up :rsd:! Screenshots: Df Regroup
  15. Runescape Dinasty -vs- Opponent(you know who you are) Date: ----- July 21st 2011 Rules: ----- 2 hour cap , 15 snipers first hour 1 Day Month prep for RSD Starting: Runescape Dinasty: 260+ (90 on ts) Opponent: 220+ (75+ on ts) We were ready to fight VR and it showed as soon as we took a fall in we had 250+ ready to go. Knowing we had a slight numerical advantage on VR we were eager to put on a show. After about 10 minutes into the fight it was clear cut that we had the advantage and began running the train on any snipers that came near us. Our snipers completely crippled vr's pile forcing them to regroup for the later half of the first hour. After about an hour of fighting Vr logged out and we claimed victory. Ending: Runescape Dinasty:318 (107 on ts) Opponent:0 (80 on ts) Few pics for your enjoyment Good fight VR Amazing Job Runescape Dinasty.
  16. Thanks for the fight, TT. It was an enjoyable one.
  17. IRC: #RSD @ SwiftIRC Clan Chat: RSDchat Runescape Dinasty -vs- Reign of Terror Date: Monday, June 27 2011 Rules: 5:30 Pm EST Start Uncapped Team to Clear - If necessary Starting: Runescape Dinasty: 147 Options (50 on ts) Reign of Terror: 157 Options (55(?)on ts) Summary: RoT came to us at 5pm EST in search of a fight. With a disappointing day out pking our selves just an hour earlier we gladly accepted the fight. Not knowing what we would pull, we re-massed a quick 45 legends and rushed RoT at west tree. Our piles clashed and both clans were going full force. It was back and forth for the first 30 minutes or so. Then once we hit 65 on Ts sent 15 snipers and immediately we took a slight lead. Even when RoT sent 10(?) snipers, they were taken care of in stride with RSD following their pile. After another 30minutes or so RoT decided to call it a night as our numbers and grown up to 80 on such a short prep. Thanks for the good clean fight Reign of Terror. Looking forward to our next encounter. Ending: Runescape Dinasty: 240 Options (80 on ts) Reign of Terror: 0 Options (60 on ts) Screenshots Edit: Any Baiting/Trolling/Flaming/Stupidity from RSD members towards anyone, you'll find yourselves with a strike.
  18. Runescape Dinasty vs. Violent Resolution clan Monday June 13th, 2011 RSD Forum Topic After a disappointing day yesterday (we weren't high enough hunter levels to catch DF), we decided to go on a PKing trip for today. As we were massing we were made aware of the fact that VR clan wanted to fight us. We were not dissuaded in the slightest, and upon arrival via watercraft to moss giants, we discovered CraigB11, the hapless dragon general. We asked him to trade yugioh cards but he declined. We dmed him for a while, before taking a monter truck fall in and starting the fight with VR north of mossies on world 47. RSD Starting: VR Starting: ~225 opts As the fight began, VR quickly grew numbers while we grew more slowly. Outnumbered, we valiantly slew many VR members, dropping them left and right from spiders to the greater demon hut. After about 2 hours of RSD ownage, VR decided that we were too much for them, and attempted to end us by means of being annoying. They commenced mass sniping, and we mass anti sniped back, dropping them left and right. There is now a tourist attraction on runescape.com , the VR graveyard, it is located just north of the Red Dragon Gate. After about 3 hours of mass sniping by VR, they gave one last gasp at having a pile, which predictably failed, and RSD stood strong with 282 opts at members gate for ending. RSD ending: VR ending: Many graves near RDG, none left living on world 47 More pictures of RSD slaying VR: Good stuff today RSD, I'm proud of each and every one of you
  19. Your Clan Name (as you want it to appear): Runescape Dinasty A link to your clan's banner (please keep it under 810x250 or it will automatically be resized): A link to your clan's website/forums: www.runescapedinasty.com A link to your clan's runehead/memberlist: Runescape Dinasty Memberlist | Runescape Dinasty Trial Memberlist Your Clan Leaders: Bowhunter65, Bclayj2 Your Clan Initials: RSD Your Clan's Main Focus (ie. Warring, Skilling, Pest Control, etc.): Runescape Dinasty is an elite PK'ing clan first created in 2001. We are active in both F2P and P2P. Miscellaneous Info: IRC Channel: #RSD on irc.swiftirc.net , 114 Combat for TM, 116 Combat for Member.
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