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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. IRC: #RSD @ SwiftIRC Clan Chat: RSDchat Runescape Dinasty -vs- The Titans The hype for the fight was massive and I think that was the case for both clans. Going into the fight we were very well aware that both clans would be starting with 100 or very close to it, which just further pushed how important it was going to be for individuals to step up. Date: August 27, 2011 Rules: 4:30 EST start Center Bounds/4 wall thing All Styles No Dungeoneering items No Corrupt Armours/Weapons TT in Yellow RSD in Purple North Spawn Attacks Curses On Starting: Runescape Dinasty: # 99 (107 on ts) The Titans: # 98 Summary: We started off pile sc4ndalous and then it got a little messy and we started to transition through people that were bound around our pile. Our lead quickly developed to 10+ by the time we got into the 80s remaining. As soon as we had the lead we got our momentum going there wasn't any slow down to our chases, TT had several good tanks to bring it back to a 10~ man difference but then the numbers got down <60s and their final push was of no effect and we continued on to win the fight. It was a fight that both clans had everything to prove knowing how intense these kind of fights are. In the end, it was clear that specific tanking efforts were huge in the fight, and also the calling by James who really brought everything home. Amazing effort put in today by everyone in RSD (binds, tanking, style switching, attendance), and also have respect for the valiant effort that Titans put up today. Ending: Runescape Dinasty:# 36 The Titans:# 0 Screenshots Thanks for the Fight Titans, I look forward to next year's battle.
  3. Was fun, thanks for fighting, unfortunate you didn't pull enough for a proper challenge but thanks for stepping up.
  4. IRC: #RSD @ SwiftIRC Clan Chat: RSDchat Runescape Dinasty -Vs- Reign Of Terror We heard a few clans were going out today and so we set out to Hunt any clan that got in our way. 20 Minutes into Mass we heard TT was out with ~200 Opts at Rdg so we quickly set up and hopped over to engage them. Knowing this was the last day of the month and having a solid month we had to put in Top notch effort to walk away with the victory and concluding the month on a high note. Round 1: RSD Starting: 200 Options(50 People with assist on) TT Starting: ~200 Options After hopping over to TT's world we rushed them at Rdg and transitioned through their members left and right forcing them to log out. We then got word Rot was world 93 and quickly hopped over to engage them. RSD Ending: 165 Options TT Ending: 0 Logged out Round 2: RSD Starting: 165 Options Rot Starting: ~200 Options Rot were walking about at spiders and as soon as we saw them I rushed Mattbrazil and the fight ensued. The fight was close for the first 10 minutes until we got more legends on to match Rots numbers. After that we sent 15 Snipers while the main pile worked on Rot's snipers and rushing their main pile every opportunity we had. 45 Minutes later Rot logged out and handing Rsd the win. RSD Ending: 261 Options (86 on ts) ROT Ending: 0 Logged out Thanks for the fight Rot :thumbsup: Great job to all who showed up and look forward to the following month...will be interesting :thumbsup: Screenshots:
  5. Threw binds like a [bleep]in cannon, didn't get sniped today l0l.
  6. Thanks for the fight TT, both clans had ups and downs during the fight, was a pleasure. Honestly the lag was the worst yet, only bad part about it really... Got ko'ed once or twice by my snipe unit because i would have these like 30second loading screens... TT no longer have a snipe unit.. its MY snipe unit, cause they hate me but i <33 them :wub: :wub: Jay Z 523 and Co. :-w
  7. I like these pictures, beautiful minimaps, courtesy of Vr :wub: Probably the best pile you had going all night:
  8. Best of luck reopening. :thumbup:
  9. Seen lots of crashers when we walked by, including a load of Vr members. Unfortunate =\
  10. Probably have one of the most rigorous application processes, many people find this out if they make it to the 'screening' portion of the Application for Trial Member.
  11. Weird. I don't think I've even slayed since these new drops came out.
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