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  1. Will you make it through? Probably yes. Will it be a decent money maker? Definitely no. If you want to try it for kicks though, don't worry so much about maxing out mage attack. The melee brothers are all very weak to magic, so you can hit with low bonuses. Instead, get some melee defense so verac and guthan don't rip you apart. Try it, enjoy, but don't think it's going to catapult you into wealth.
  2. Even if you're new to keying, I'm sure a lot of people with lower dg levels (like myself) would be willing to go loccs with you since very few people key them.
  3. Well, thanks anyway. Looks like I'll just have to adjust
  4. Yeah, I tried changing res and it looked like crap. Here's a screenie
  5. I'm sure this question comes up with decent regularity, but I'm not very tech savvy, so I'm sorry. I just bought a new laptop (Dell XPS 15 with NVIDIA GeForce GT540M 2GB graphics with Optimus) and the chatbox, minimap, and inventory icons are tiny. I've tried going through the RS display options but can't seem to tweak them. Any help please?
  6. Looking to find the fastest way to get to the Oo'glog hunter mud pool via teleporting. I'm doing Herblore Habitat, carrion jads, if that makes any difference.
  7. Admitting that your post is misleading then throwing in a quote does not make it ok. Opportunity cost is referring to the fact that time is as much a resource as money is, thus the only cost going into the prayer exp is not the cost of the urns.
  8. My only guess would be that he is suggesting the increased demand for bolt racks is caused by a greater amount of TD hunters, since bolt racks are widely acknowledged as one of the best ways to kill them and not used in very many other places. More hunters leads to more claws, hence the drop in prices. Just a guess
  9. Get one more magic level. Congratulations, you now have access to all the lunar teleports you need. Go to a bank. Click the bank inventory and bank equipped items icons. You should have all your herb farming items in one tab. I have no idea why you would need boots of lightness, a glory, or a cape other than ardougne. You should be using fertilize soil spell and thus have no need for supercomposts (it's cheaper anyway). Teletab Trollheim, ecto, cabbage port, tele fishing guild (or ardy cape 3/4), tele catherby. Bam. Then go herblore habitat if you want. I have no idea why you would sell your herbs after every run. You should also be cleaning while you run between farming patches.
  10. How on earth does it take you 10 to 12 minutes to do a herb run? I can do 6 patches, rarely 7, in one juju dose (5 Minutes).
  11. If you're using jujus, yes
  12. As of about two weeks ago, no, this does not occur
  13. See: Your two favorites: Hunter and Construction I believe what you meant to say is: "It is always telling of whether a skill is a member's skill besides Fletching, Thieving or Agility (i.e. the member's skills that have been around for the longest) when it only requires level 30 to reach the high-score list."
  14. Excellent, thanks to both of you
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