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  1. While I agree that Jmods who develop content should play the game to some extent... imagine: You work 9-5 making cabinets. When you come home after work, do you want to spend another 5 to 6 hours making more cabinets? No, you wan't to relax and do something else that you enjoy. I think its really unfair and unreasonable that so many people expect Jmods to work on the game all day and then come home and put in 10 hours towards maxing their account. It's really not.. humane, almost. Edit: to stimulate some discussion, what is the most efficient divine location?
  2. That's probably true but when I go from rank 1086 to 1075 Cooking in a day without gaining xp like I just did then surely those 11 people didn't all quit at once. Must be banned. What Hedge said, they remove f2p accounts in batches every month or so which explains the "big" jumps in ranks people sometimes experience.
  3. While it's definitely possible that 200m'ers are being banned I think it is highly more probable that they are simply quitting and being taken off the hiscores, especially when you consider that people with 200m XP in skills have played more than their share of the game. Especially when talking about high rankings in the 100> area when getting 200m XP was much more difficult.
  4. Herblore, Prayer, Summoning are all good bets.
  5. At the rate Drumgun is doing Divination, do you think he could manage to beat Dungeoneering's 212 day record for fastest 200m?
  6. A little bit off topic, what daily challenge is the most efficient? Dungeoneering? Agility?
  7. Clearly the new best way to train Agility.
  8. Not to be a Debbie downer, but this was already confirmed to be in the works long ago by Mod Boko who runs the seasonals.
  9. Why does everyone forget Lover Romeo... who is now apparently.. Islam Peace.. when did this happen.
  10. .. This wasn't intentional, I'm guessing one of two things happened: 1) He had virtus gloves, and some large bulk item that he was merchanting. The he clicked on the virtus gloves instead of the bulk item by accident, and didn't notice until he hit the 1 gp to see what the selling floor was. 2) Virtus gloves are the items he was merchanting >.> and pressed the 1gp to see what the lowest someone buy for, he just wasn't counting on someone having a bid in there for 1gp. It was a rage sell. All other pieces sold for at or above med (I made 20m in total off all the pieces). This didn't. I'm surprised it sold at all, actually... So broke even, I guess, in the end. Not like I need a virtus wand / book anymore considering it was nerfed. Maybe I'm out of the loop but... how was virtus nerfed?
  11. It always has been. Competition in this game is 1/4th efficiency and 3/4th play time, basically.
  12. Nobody is forcing everyone to train Divination right now. There's really nothing that gives you a large advantage over other players at high levels, portents maybe, but nothing significant. The only people who could (or should) be complaining about the XP rates are all the comp capers trying to get their cape back. I for one like the slow XP rates, it means I'll have something to do for the next month or so and also means that a high Divination level will actually be something impressive. Think about seeing the RC cape prior to span, you knew that guy had some serious dedication to get 99. This is what Divination will be until mini-games and the like get released.
  13. If Zezima was first to 99 Divination.. oh my.
  14. I highly doubt divine locations will be good for XP, they'll probably just be a convenient way to introduce materials into the game that bots have stopped supplying, which is a good thing imo.
  15. It was 5xp per, but they raised it with with week's update. The amount of xp gained involves a calculation of skill level and token level, but I don't have the exact figures. I gained about 55k Fishing xp yesterday (level 88, collecting my max of 1320 tears and focusing on fishing as much as possible) so it's not good for gaining max xp, but it certainly gives people more of a reason to participate now. My line of thought was that if it was as good as or slightly below barb that it would be more efficient time wise to collect tears and spend them on lamps for something like agility. Yes/no?
  16. Talking with some friends, apparently you get much more XP from the Battle of Lumbridge and fishing is somewhat comparable to barb, anyone tried it yet?
  17. You have 87 DG, I'd save your money and just use chaotics. As for money, I prefer guaranteed profit per hour, try doing Frost dragons (no bots anymore, 2-3m/hr or so) or QBD.
  18. Honestly, this is the first time in a long time that I think the game is going in the correct direction. On all the forums I visit (here, Reddit, Zyb, official forums, etc) I see TONS of "new player coming back, what's new?" types of threads/posts, I think a lot of players are coming back. Jagex is also doing a lot of cool releases now, we have Divination coming up in the next two weeks, lots of 6th Age content which I've personally been looking forward to for years, another new skill after Divination, Evolution of Combat, NIS, HTML5, tons and tons of other updates that are confirmed (floor 61, finishing up all the task sets, Dwarf quest finale, more ports areas), etc. There's just so much slotted for release. I think this tail end of 2013 and all of 2014 will be an incredible year for RuneScape. On the note of F2P, F2P should be a demo. It gives new players a chance to try the game and see if they like it. RuneScape membership is half as cheap as the majority of all other MMO's, and on top of that, no box price. I think F2P is fine as is, its there for you to get a taste for the game, then subscribe. As for SOF/SGS, I cannot understand why the RuneScape community has such a negative view about microtransactions. Literally, 99% of EVERY OTHER MMO has some sort of cash shop, and of them, a lot can be considered P2W (I recently played Neverwinter, holy sweet mother of god P2W dumpster game). Trust me, RuneScape's microtransactions are one of the better ones in the genre. I honestly question myself sometimes where players go when they quit RuneScape because of microtransactions, because they are going to have a really hard time finding a game without them. Even WoW, with its $15 sub price plus paying for all the box's and expansions every year, has a cash shop. You guys will have to learn to get over it or quit all MMO's.
  19. You might want to invest in a pop filter to improve your sound quality (they're pretty cheap iirc), or just be careful about blowing on your mic when you talk. Keep up the videos, YT success doesn't come immediately.
  20. Knowing that drumgun does slow methods if they make good money I would presume that he would be doing master farmer, on his runetracker it seems like he is player 14-18 hour days which would definitely fit. Good on him :)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iycnKfzL4bE I'm almost certain that was nerfed due to the massive amount of bots using that method back in the day. Also.. how much could your profit/hour really be at master farmers? A few 100k/hr? That hardly seems justifiable when PP or dwarf traders are twice as fast.
  21. There is an update to Agility coming sometime soon, but not Agilityspan. Mod Dean specifically referenced Runespan and how it was not going to be similar.
  22. I wonder who will be doing RuneFest doverage this year. I think I watched RuneShark last year and they're gone now.
  23. Am I correct in remembering that Drumgun did Exiled KQ for his kalphite tasks? If so, is that a good method for kalphite tasks?
  24. Agreed. Just posting as a warning to some people. Update: 2:19:30 to 2:19:45 or so is when its said. Source: http://www.twitch.tv...ity/b/434773279
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