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  1. was a fun war, enjoyed it ty TI for the war :D
  2. well, im from AOW, was a good fight, i know ak killed more than we did, they performed better but, i dont agree with ak having the victory, i will rather like to believe that was consider a tie, but i dotn think ak didnt followed the rules one rule said "team to clean crashers", there were some crashers (can remember from what clan) who were attacking us, and ak instead of helpings us cleaning the crashers, took advantage of that moment and continued to attack us. also, once the war ended, we said "times up, ty ak 4 the war", and they didnt stopped, thats why we had to change world to do the ending, cause they wont end the war. i know this wont help on taking away ak the victory, but i wanted to clear some points of the. that, for my opinion, were unfair, and that ak didnt took this war serious enough.
  3. nice job tnc pd: lol, cleaned in 15 mins
  4. epic fight, i thought we would lose, but then we got like 2 fast kills and took advantage. ty poison for the war Gj CA & Poison
  5. nice jobs aw, did well in both wars, gj
  6. W000T, CA rocks, awesome fight. we beated DC again :D, and Taca, you forgot to say bout the failed DDOS, it was after the war, not during it XD
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