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  1. If you get a random event while chinning, is your prayer turned off once you get teleported back?
  2. I have yet to win a single SoF outfit item such as queen's guard, dragon ceremonial etc, lol
  3. Spin ticket and Champion's scroll Ofc I get this on my nub account :L
  4. Now watch them either remake the awesome red/blue platebody or completely forget about it :P
  5. >Skill requirements in the low 30s >Mid level quest what
  6. OMAHGAWD leaked footage from the combat beta [hide] Made you click at least :P http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGW_F0cXPMk [/hide]
  7. Meh, after finally reaching 200M loldg xp I decided to complete the unfinished video that had been on my desktop for almost half a year :P http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JF0s4l4nSIo
  8. When you click 'show' does it change to 'hide' and just not show anything or are your clicks not doing anything at all? As to the former, I've had that issue before sporadically, although not recently. At the time I just though it was something to do with ABP, but I dunno. When I click nothing happens.
  9. Anyone know how I can view the images that are hidden with [hide] tags? For some reason I can't open them. :l
  10. Lol 1 hour 64 rooms, all rooms (including dead ends) cleared etc Is 220500 the highest amount of xp you can get in one dungeon?
  11. The eagle-eyed among you will also spot a permanent price reduction on many auras. ______ Took long enough. :|
  12. Congrats :) if your inventory is full and you get some, does it go on the ground? Yes, I got a message box saying I had found a piece of black ibis armour.
  13. How am I meant to sing suomi now :(
  14. Switching between accurate and defensive attack styles is bs, it's still a RNG that generates the amount of damage you deal.
  15. Virtus Robe legs is untradable, what? Degraded armour is untradeable.
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