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  1. I stopped there and the laughter ensued. Sorry :lol:.
  2. Adze, juju woodcutting potion + arctic pines> teaks* Are they kinda afk? How far away are those deposit boxes? There is no deposit box at teaks but you can drop the in a few seconds There's a deposit box for the three Teak trees on Ape Atoll after completing the "Deadliest Catch" Quest. It's quite close as well ^_^. Congratulations in advance to S U O M I on the reaching Rank 1!
  3. ...particularly in a negative manner... Sorry for going a bit off-topic, but I'll be honest, it really shouldn't be your business how she plays :mellow:.
  4. I'm fairly sure wasting your time discussing another player's play-style, particularly in a negative manner, is even less admirable.
  5. RuneScape Classic...My prayers have been answered :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  6. Some people play Runescape for fun and Xp. Not everyone cares about ranks and records. I never quite understood how people didn't understand this.
  7. Andrew Gower, Paul Gower, and Mod Chris L come to mind, but personally I would mostly want to see an interview with Andrew Gower and Paul Gower ^_^. I'm not entirely sure if Andrew still works at Jagex Games Studio, but I'm certain Paul does.
  8. It's amazing to witness S U O M I's Slayer progress, and I must say, it inspires me a fair bit ^_^. Also, pardon me for going off-topic, but... Ideally, even if a a program such as that with the same legitimate purpose as normal mouse-keys were to be used, there still is a major risk of Jagex claiming that is allowed, primarily since many a time such software has the chance of infecting your computer and/or stealing your account details via keylogging, something which as a company, you wouldn't want to risk being liable for simply for claiming it is allowed. The same goes for third-party software clients, such as SwiftKit, since in a technical sense it could be modified at any time with a simple update, or patch, and have keyloggers inserted into it with ease. P.S. Quit turning this thread into a sort of drama-chamber. Even if you aren't starting it, you're equal in a sense for contributing to it, and attacking/hating Aribiterspar is neither constructive nor useful to this thread at all.
  9. How did you get 1354 posts without getting banned? The real question is, how is he still alive with that type of mindset?
  10. There's something about a number followed by nine zeroes that is ridiculously arousing. :shock:
  11. It all makes sense now :ohnoes:.
  12. The idea of someone getting 200,000,000 Slayer Experience is epic, so a huge congratulations to Wyvernrider4 on that achievement ^_^. I'm not sure if he got it today, or yesterday.
  13. Very poor presumptions, to be honest. If they were to follow that, I'm sure a fair bit of players who play for long-periods of time, specifically players with very high amounts of Experience, would instantly be suspected. That, of course, would be very unreasonable and stupid. They have certain methods of their own, and as Andrew Gower said at RuneFest, there are many methods of detecting cheaters at Jagex's side.
  14. Nope, and to be honest, I really don't think it's a realistic goal at all. There's so many current issues with RuneScape Classic, and almost never are they attended to, so I'm sure S U O M I would find it horribly frustrating.
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