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  1. Happy Birthday Peter, and yeah you did.

  2. Happy birthday Peter :D (Did I just guess your name there? ;))

  3. Good fight TT. Was clean and enjoyable.
  4. With people crashing anyone and unlikely people retaliating, just how long do you think this will continue? Depends on when EoS realise that crashing is [developmentally delayed]ed and doesn't help anyone. Inbe4 you're in the crashing war yourself. We've been getting crashed 1 month+ before we started retaliating, knowing crashing wars are [developmentally delayed]ed & improve your clan. PMing their officials wouldn't help cause you'd only get flamed back. Anyways, EoS don't seem to learn as they're still crashing clans other then DF / RoT / TT while losing their clusters. Only time will tell I guess. Do you see any other clans retaliating and actually sticking with it? Depends on their clan history. I don't see clans such as RSD / Solace retaliating if they get crashed by them. Who else do you expect to hop into the mess given the nature of the clans currently involved? Depends on who EoS keeps crashing outside of DF / RoT / TT. Only time will tell
  5. www.rs-df.com/forums | #DF | irc.seersirc.net Divine Forces -vs- The Titans ~ Monday, 4th of October 2010 Well, at work today I was like I hope some ownage runescape clans are pking today... To my surprise intel informed me that COR were going out... So I made a PK trip! Having our forums + TS down for a few days has made us a bit weaker and less active, so we wanted to show the clan world we still meant business. An even bigger surprise occured when I heard The Titans planned to hunt us, as I had told TT Pk and we'll fight you... I had a little giggle, then had a word with D bruv and Big Deano.. we decided it was too good of an oppurtunity to miss out on and rushed TT at east tree on world 136 DF starting (Peaked at 90): TT starting(Peaked at 75): 180 opts (65 in ts) The fight started even, then after like 15-20 minutes we took control sending our beavers up with Captain Jake and CheyneyC at the helm. We continued to up the pressure with more members joining teamspeak by the second suddenly our teamspeak got ddosed but thanks to Wouter we had a backup sorted quickly moved there without any problems and continued the fight without a pause (Although TT offered to stop, Thanks!). About an hour into the fight we hit 87 on teamspeak so I sent some more beavers up there as myself, Dennis, Merked and Xmas continued to hit what was remaining of TT's pile, during this time TT dropped from 75 to around 60 on audio and felt it was time to call it off, I'm glad that you did that TT as this means I may even consider a prepped fight now! Really proud of DF today, great activity considering we had 15 ish PST members who couldn't even attend. DF ending: Fight pics:
  6. Nah they won't recover.. cus they closed
  7. Not straight away, but I think they're better off with Shane as Leader. He's interested in RS and will stay active.
  8. www.rs-df.com/forums | #DF Divine Forces -vs- Corruption ~ Monday - 20th of September 2010 Divine Forces had a casual matched opts fight today which more info can be found Here: http://rs-df.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=23831 About half an hour later i got word of Corruption massing for a pk trip, DF didnt hesitate to mass up instantly. We geared up and left Bh as soon as we could walked up to members gate and logged out. The fight started off with DF hitting Corruption on login, Instantly gaining up to 55 on teamspeak while Corruption seemed to be stuck at 50 for quite some time. Corruption was on the backfoot and seemed like they were going to end untill a couple of randomers were camping our hybrids which resulted into us taking a step back and find a solution to the randomers. After that was solved Corruption had gained and the fight was even, Regroups for both sides and piles clashing here and there. Eventually due to mainly our Dedicated binders we took the upperhand DF starting: Might be 90 opts with people spread falled in. Corruption starting:45 on Vent Pictures of the fight: DF ending: Corruption ending:0 Left the world. Shoutouts. Sage #Cdrsc Bella sedai And whoever muted 6 of our members. Thanks for the fight Corruption, Keep up the activity DF :thumbsup: Vid of the fight will be up soon
  9. You're the one that hit us.. dont start..
  10. James Hetfield This video says enough :#
  11. www.rs-df.com/forums | #DF | irc.seersirc.net Divine Forces -vs- Corruption ~ Monday - 13th of September 2010 During our fight with Fools last night I approached Code from Corruption for a 1 day prep fight, knowing that we had beaten Corruption 3 times last week we expected them to be up for the fight just as much as we would be. I posted the topic gained some replies and expected about 70 starting and 80 ending. The rules were as follows: The fight ends at 7 EST - No matter what happens 2 and a half hour cap Spiders to GDZ 15 snipers (Broken by Corruption) Team to clear crashers (Broken by both clans) All styles As we walked up to mossies we had around 75 on teamspeak, we knew this wouldn't be enough thankfully COR stalled for 15- 20 minutes allowing some more of our members to join in on the fun. Divine Forces starting - 233 options - (75~ on TS) Corruption starting - 246~ Options - (82 on Ventrilo) -Need a picture- We fight started out a mess both clans with large main piles hitting each other with a small amount of snipers barely effecting the piles, for some reason COR thought they'd break the sniper cap although that wasn't something that bothered me as I looked in teamspeak and saw that we were gaining like crazy. Therefore we sent 25 snipers up to the sniper room and from there on our piles didn't meet again untill later on in the fight. Our sniper unit had Corruption crippled at times especially when Conditions wasn't leading, although our main pile hit a few rough patches also which is expected in a fight this. Around the middle of the fight random crashers attacked both sides, but in all fairness they weren't having much of an effect on either of us, so we just continued to fight. Towards the last hour, I had some difficulties with my router although when I managed to get it sorted I came back onto teamspeak to see 92 warriors active. As the cap came to an end our numbers stayed consistant allowing us eventually take further control. The last 5 minutes or so saw both clans getting their opts together, mainly staying away from each other and hitting stragglers, DF waited at members gate for COR to come compare options and heres how they looked. Also I'm aware EoS Oli has apparantly claimed EoS were in our pile for ending and COR believed so well done on the troll Oli mate! Divine Forces ending - 270 options (92 on TS) Corruption ending - 240 options (86 on Ventrilo) Pictures : Thanks for the fight again Corruption. It was a pleasure. I hope we'll fight you soon again. Credits to: Danc for helping with the topic.. The Titans for the AC
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